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  1. I think swq0603 means painting the printed model? About which you wrote a great blog entry Painting 3D Printed Models Thank you!
  2. Hello Bryan, The problem pinpoints to the direction the people suggest in this thread. Probably there is a loose solder connection on the main print. Due to the heating up of the stepper, the connection might get loose contact because of a bad solder connection. There are 3 signals going to the board, direction, step and enable. It might be that the step signal or the enable signal is not getting to the board. If the step signal is not getting to the board, it should still get hot. But if the enable signal is not getting to the board, it will remove power from the motor. Therefore I think this signal is not getting correctly to the stepperdriver. Please check the soldering connection of this signal. The signal is called EN(able) on the bottom of the stepperboard, top left corner if you look at the bottom. Follow the trace that is connected to it on the mainboard and check if the soldering is ok, both on the side of the stepper and the side of the arduino. Sometimes the soldering looks ok, but actually it isn't. To be sure it would be best to solder them again and test. Best regards, Siert and Calliope
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