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  1. My 12v regulator is burning hot! I'll add a heatsink to it when I get some spare time. So I think it's important to cool that little guy!
  2. I use silicone oil for all axels. Works perfectly! But it must be maintained like once every month. (It was very hard to move after vacation)
  3. Netfabb could strip/replace those characters before sending the G-code to the machine. I think we need to use a COM-port sniffer to see if that´s the case.
  4. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17058 That one is really good!
  5. Daid> Have you measured you temp sensor? (Don't remember if you were involved in that discussion that took place in another thread)
  6. Material: Ultimaker Silver Temperature: 245-250*c Speed: 50-100mm/s (the included picture is printed at 50mm/s) Layer height: 0,1mm Fill-rate: 30% Slicer: SkeinPyPy Beta3 Firmware: Marlin (built with Daids tool) Accurate temp sensor: I measured mine with a type-k sensor bolted to the heater block. It´s within 1-2*c Output quality: Good, but lots of stringing.
  7. It seems that people are printing at very different temperatures for printing with PLA. Could you please reply to this thread with the temperature and other important variables so we can get a clearer picture of what people use? Please also write if you have checked that the temperature reading is accurate. Material: (Silver, black, Ultimaker bought etc.) Temperature: Speed: Layer height: Fill-rate: Slicer: (Netfabb, SkeinPyPy, Skeinforge..) Firmware: (5d, Marlin..) Accurate temperature sensor: (No guessing here please! It´s the most important point!) Output quality: (Stringing etc.
  8. rock500> Download this and see if it is fixed. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40755495/win32- ... 3_fix1.zip It's Daids package with edited mainWindow.py file.
  9. And I've read that you must print with the cooling fan turned off. Still waiting for my big order of supply to arrive from Ultimaker. (9kg with mixed PLA, Soft PLA and ABS) I have a heated bed waiting, just need to manufacture a good mount for it on the printer.
  10. I'm also using thing:17058. They are great!
  11. I just printed another Yoda. 75mm/s, 10% infill, 0,1mm layer hight, Printed at 250*c from SD-card. Took about 4,5h to print. Sliced with SkeinPyPy Beta3. The problem on top of the head is that the Z platform tried to go to home position after the print was completed with the hot extruder placed right above the head.... :evil: I don't know if that is due to that I might have pressed home button in GUI during print and that it was buffered and action taken when the SD-print was completed or if somethings wrong in the SD-print. It seems like it ignores the homing of the axes when starting a
  12. Yet another "Problem->Solved under 24h" thread. This forum is awesome!
  13. I think I had the same problem until i updated to Marlin firmware. 100->1mm worked, but not 0.5 and 0.1mm movements.
  14. Here is the mainWindow.py with the fix applied. Just copy it into the win32-SkeinPyPy-NewUI-Beta3SkeinPyPy ewui folder and replace the existing one. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40755495/mainWindow.py (Save file...) I haven't tested the fix myself, just followed the instructions from Daid.
  15. Nice! It will be really interesting to see your other results. Probably better sticking between the layers with higher temp. I printed and mounted this fanduct earlier today ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17768 ), but haven't really tested it since then. I started to correct our belt tension problem. (all adjustments bottomed out, and still much slack on the belts) You really get 360* coverage of the airflow with that one, but it's harder to see the printhead. Why isn't there a adjustment for the filament amount in Printrun? It was very good for testing purpose in RepG. (I suppose i
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