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  1. I used 33% infill because I was testing PLA materiaal and deliberately wanted to use a lot of fillament. But you are right you could print this with a lot less infill, it might even be posible to print this model hollow.
  2. Probably a little bit of overextrusion, some of the lines are quite visible. The generated support structure from kisslicer works really well. Apart from the gold hexagon duplo track all models are sliced with kisslicer, at 0.16mm layerheight.
  3. I've used this source as well when building my HBP. http://headfuzz.co.uk/ultimaker-headed-bed
  4. I've seen those colors before, did your red also contain some black spots in the filament on the roll? Hi Daid, yes it did. Printed fine though, I was a little worried it might clog the nozzle but no such thing happened. Have you printed with the material? Haha, that's a very familiar scenario. I have three bags right now, but its cool because it shows the quality of prints 1,5 years ago when retraction didn't exist, nor did cura or kisslicer. Lots has changed!
  5. My latest prints! Get the print files here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:16507 I've been using this model to test freshly made experimental PLA fillament. This was sliced with kisslicer at 0.16 mm with 33% infill. Takes about 3,5 hours to print.
  6. Oke, so I wasn't patient enough and tried the push off routine with the not working 'M190 S35' command, and it worked! At least for this particular print it will work. Still I would like to make a push off routine with a working M190 command. Any help is appreciated! Here's a video of the routine:
  7. Hi Joergen, I was able to find the following pieces of code: In the configuration_adv.h file // Wait for Cooldown// This defines if the M109 call should not block if it is cooling down.// example: From a current temp of 220, you set M109 S200. // if CooldownNoWait is defined M109 will not wait for the cooldown to finish#define CooldownNoWait true In the Marlin_main.cpp file case 190: // M190 - Wait for bed heater to reach target. #if TEMP_BED_PIN > -1 LCD_MESSAGEPGM(MSG_BED_HEATING); if (code_seen('S')) setTargetBed(code_value()); codenum = millis();
  8. I've been working on a push off routine for my HBP. Within a month or so I expect to be making a lot of the same model, so I really need to get this working. The push off routine looks like this after the print is ready: G1 F4500 ; set feedrate 4500G28 X0 Y0 Z0 ; home all axisG0 Z4 ; lower platform by 4mmM104 S120 ; keep extruder warmM190 S35 ; wait for HBP temp to reach 35CM107 ; turn off fanG0 Y200 ; go to Y 200 G0 X150 ; go to X 150 G0 Z2 F180 ; raise platform 2mmG1 F4500 ; set push-off feedrateG0 YO ; push off moveG28 X0 Y0 Z0 ; home all axisG92 X0 Y0 Z0 E0 ;
  9. This is my latest print with KISSlicer. I like this slicer and the generated support structure works great. There are some strange pronounced layers, not sure why this happened. Anyway I'll continue printing with KISSlicer for support models, but for the other stuf I still like Cura best. Especially the project planner
  10. Hi Moxiskaan, Solidworks works can export STL files. It allows you to choose how detailed the exportede mesh needs to be which is a nice option. I like this program alot my stl's are always 'watertight' and ready for print.
  11. Looks really nice Daid. I like that you renamed the parameters into understandable terms that actually tell the user something of the effect it will have on the print. The information is also nicely framed in the various tabs. In the normal SF when lowering or increasing the layerheigt I needed to adjust 'perimeter over width' in carve and fill tab and ofcourse the amount of solid layers. Since perimeter over width is gone what other parameters need attention in SkeinPyPy when changing the layerheight? Only the solid layers? I'm asking because the print I did yesterday was at 0.3 mm layerhe
  12. Hi Daid and everyone, This is great! I just started using SkeinPyPy and Printrun and works perfect. Moving from replicator G to standalone SF used to be quite daunting, but this software package makes it so easy! I just finished an 8 hour print and it went fine. I do have some questions about a few settings. You mentioned that "Perimeter width over thickness (ratio)" is changed into "Perimeter width", but I can't find it anywhere in SF48. Is this setting gone? Or has the name been changed again? PrintRun does not support live tuning right? Cheers, Gijs
  13. I don't think you can buy PLA or ABS at this event, but perhaps the exhibitors will be able to help to get in contact with some providers. The event is more of a big demo of commercial companies and there printers, but this is the first year that there will be attention for 3d printing at home.
  14. I posted a message yesterday in the ultimaker groups about an upcoming 3d printing event. In order to reach all 3d printing enthusiast I thought it might be smart to post a message at this forum as well.
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