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  1. Thanks for info guys. Went ahead and updated the auction: -Removed the comparison -Included Ultimaker purchahse receipts in the photos -Updated the the timeframes -Lowered the price Any other thoughts?
  2. Ah gotcha. I've been away a good while didn't realize. Hmm. Maybe I should lower the price?
  3. Nada definitely not. Ordered direct from Ultimaker. I should probably include that in the auction thanks.
  4. You're not the only one... I've experienced this as well and would also be interested to know what the story is with this. The tagged Marlin 1.0 B1 (https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/tags) doesn't experience it... but then again that's probably what you've already been using. Mike
  5. Thank you! That makes everything crystal clear! I think I'll be doing some testing as soon as I get home today. Thanks so much again! Mike
  6. That's the weird thing... I haven't touched netfabb yet. I've just been testing w/ skeinforge 35 and 40 right from within RepG. The default Configuration.h in the Marlin 1.0B1 has the following defined for the steps per unit: #define DEFAULT_AXIS_STEPS_PER_UNIT {78.7402,78.7402,200*8/3,760*1.1} Does that 760*1.1 look correct? (That is the one for the extruder stepper, right?) BTW: Even though I just recently got a chance to build my Ultimaker it originally shipped out on 18.08.2011 - Is it possible that I have some older components in my build that may need accounting for in the newer firmware? Thanks!
  7. Good day all. After endless attempts and reading I finally managed to stumble my way through updating to Marlin. However, now when attempting to print anything the Extruder wants to spin so fast I don't dare allow it to engage the filament. Did some trolling and found the 'M92 EXXX' command, but I have to set it very low (E100) compared to other postings to get it to even look like it's close to the correct speed - Does that sound right? I'm thinking I'll need to determine the correct value for my machine and eventually set it in the configuration.h but I'm not positive. Have I missed a step or done something wrong along the way? This is what I'm currently running... is this what I should be on at this point? Firmware: ErikZalm-Marlin-45464f8 ( https://github.com/ErikZalm/Marlin/tags ) Arduino: Version 0022 (Any version higher gives errors when attempting to compile) RepG: Version 0025 NOTE: I also tried the Marlin_v1 branch but found that the limit switches / end stops were completely ignored! Thanks for any help! Mike
  8. Well, the problem's fixed! Only wish I could say what fixed it - when I came back the next day the z was simply no longer noisy. Well, applied more grease the full length of the leadscrew for good measure, hopefully will stay good movIng forward. Thanks for the help.
  9. Yepper... but maybe I missed the top half somehow? I'll double-check any apply a bit more and see. That would be a nice simple fix if it turns out to just be that. Thanks.
  10. Hi all! Finally got around to building my Ultimaker (finished her up over this past weekend). Got everything calibrated pretty well and did a good first test print of the standard cube and thin wall cube. Only issue I have so far is that the z is very noisy when traveling down (at any speed). It's fine on the way back up. It's almost as if it's vibrating / resonating...and it only does it about half way down the full length of travel and then is fine beyond that until it reaches the base of the machine. Also, if I put some pressure on the platform as it travels down this also helps to alleviate the noise. Any ideas? Thanks Mike
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