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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I am currently trying out some of the options and will report back with the findings (hopefully getting a succesfull print).
  2. Hi I have just set up my ultimaker with Netfabb (4.8) and have the same issue. I also tried to print a sample object with the same results (ultimaker disconnects after around 50 seconds). I've tried to generate G code and these are the first few lines I don't know much about G code but if M109 is empty wouldn't that possibly cause the delay (would printer need to wait until temperature BLANK is to be reached)? M106 M109 G21 G90 G28 G92 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000 E0.0000 G1 E0.0000 M107 G1 X0.0000 Y200.0000 Z0.0000 F10800.0000 G1 X0.0000 Y200.0000 Z4.8000 F1200.0000 G1 X0.0000 Y200.
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