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  1. yup looks like a huge amount of orders going out today. Ordered mine on Jan 2nd and my invoice# was 1183 and just got DHL tracking notification.
  2. WOW the guy doing this airplane has made some great parts! These photos really show the quality this machine is capable of and the reason I ordered it. Just great! And thanks for letting us know what your findings are with the suppliers materials. I think it's interesting that even the different colors seem to have various differences and part of the reason I started this thread. Knowing one color is better or worse for various reasons will help everyone decide if jumping on that cheap lime green 5lb roll is really worth it. (I'm just making that up for example) For the start I'm going to stic
  3. Seems like most threads this one has gotten off the original topic with folks discussing temp sensor issues and part swapping/replacing. On a thread topic related note, I noticed Ultimachine must have gotten an order of supplies because they've got more in stock then they did a week ago. I just ordered several varieties of color and material to play with. That is once my Ultimaker arrives and I get it assembled. :lol:
  4. Seems to me they are 6-8 weeks out not the 4-6 as they list on the site just from all the times everyone is listing here over the past couple months. Probably due to higher order quantities and no doubt because of them moving into a new space etc... I would allow the community here on this thread to continue to updating everyone on shipping dates and order numbers. This will give a great estimate where others are in the queue. Bogging them down with emails, and questions about shipment really isn't going to do anything other than slow them down. It will ship when it ships. I would also think
  5. SWEET!!! That indicates my order is very close to shipping. Mine was on 1/2/12 and order number was +20 or so of yours. As of this moment I have receivedeved a tracking number. I will post back when it ships.
  6. ...that sounds good too, but try to search the word "filament" and you will get the same answer.
  7. ok thanks....and yeah right on Owen, I figured someone had to be pulling from the center with success on the 5lb bundles. I feel safe doing it that way just because I've done it before with everything from wire, cable, rope, etc.... think I'll place an order from Ultimachine. Then I'll just need a machine to print with :lol:
  8. Does the UM machine rotate the spool or does it pull the spool? You know what I mean? Does it unwind the material by pulling the material thus rotating the spool, or does the machine have a mech that rotates the spool to assist the feeding? In either case, you know the trick to handle large unspooled amounts might be to handle it like a box of wire.....pulling from the center. Putting the unspooled bundle in a box, tape down the "outside" end, then cut the wraps, and pull the center end out, things would likely stay totally fine. It's when you pull the outside end of an unspooled bundle tha
  9. yeah they were top on my list. I've bookmarked all the good reputable looking USA places I could find. All their small rolls are out of stock and I was a little hesitant to order a 5lb beast without being sure their stuff work fine in the UM. I figure there have to be a good number of guys ordering from various vendors who may have seen a difference in the print quality because of some differences between suppliers. I want to order a color other than black or white. Seems the other colors offer better results when photographing to send to people. Black/white just does what it typically do
  10. I'm sure I got an email many received today about the limited supply of PLA for shipment. I'm in the USA and I was looking to find a supplier on this side of the pond which would save time and money in shipping. As I haven't received my machine yet, I don't have any yard stick for measurement. But has anyone noticed any quality difference with various suppliers of PLA with their machine? Does any one companies product seem to work better/worse than others in the UM? I have found various places on this link http://reprap.org/wiki/Printing_Material_Suppliers but like I said, has anyone
  11. I'm not going to lie....the search this forum function is basically useless. I have been trying multiple ways to search for some things but keep getting "The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words:" which....ok perhaps...but if I can't use it to search for some already discussed topics....well.....the search is useless. I've never seen such a thing in other forums and typically I can scrub through the results and find answers so I don't have to post a new thread to something already discussed in length. As this forum grows this useless feature
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