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  1. Hi I broke my nozzle about two weeks ago. The thread is broken, half of it is stuck in the nozzle and the other half in the heating part. I wrote to [email=sales@ultimaker.com]sales@ultimaker.com[/email] for asking for spare parts, but didn't get any answer at all. Does somebody know if they sell any spare parts or how to get them from somewhere else? Greetings
  2. i started to print it at 0.2mm layer, even though it said it's too small for my nozzle. the first layer stuck pretty good, but it started to warp anyway after some layers.
  3. Thank you Michael for your detailed post. It seems there is a lot of experience required to print a really good part. I tried to print this one: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:17395 but even the small foot starts to warp after some layers. but as you said, there is a lot of mass concentrated in some corners. Micha, the PLA45 seems to warp very little. I'm currently using the PLA that comes with the kid. I'm not sure which one it is, but I guess it's the standard one. Maybe I'll buy one roll of the PLA45 if i can't handle the problem.
  4. nice parts but it's a bit wasting of time and material if you have to print such big parts several time until it works. in some cases the pla even warps when it's only 1cm long. so this makes it a bit difficult to make the contactsurface smaller as you show it in the video.
  5. the height of the nozzle seems ok to me. the first layer sticks on the platform, but after some layers it starts to come of. i remove the parts from the platform with a cutter or something similar, this works quite well to me. my plan is to place some kind of heater next to the printer which keeps the platform warm. maybe this will make the pla bend less. but i accientally broke the nozzle so i have to fix that first -.- at what temperature do you print? i print with 250° as it says in the ultimaker wiki.
  6. hi everybody i started to print different things and it works quite good. but the pla seems to bend when it cools down. i unplugged de fan so it woun't cool down so fast and it got better, but it still bends a lot. from time to time the parts even come of the table and the nozzle moves them around. i read about a heatable table, but this sounds like a lot of work. does anybody know how to fix this and knows making the pla cool down without bending? greetings
  7. thanks a lot! i found these tiny screws to adjust the current... works fine now
  8. i was looking for the adjustment screws on the driver board as it stand in the guide, but i couldn't find any. so i tried to start printing anyways. the x-axis seems to work smooth (this stepmotor doesn't get hot), but the y-axis and z-axis aren't smooth at all (these step motors get very hot). they just move a few milimeters, stop for a short moment, and start to move again. also the distance in + and - direction aren't the same so the prints get tilted very badly (about 45°). can you help me with that?
  9. Hi One of the stepmotors gets very hot when connected to the computer (i can barely touch it). Also it makes some kind of ticking noise. It's all wired correctly, i've checked this several times. All the motors work, but one is much hotter than the others are. Could the motor be damaged? When I disconnect the usb cable the sound stops. greez
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