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  1. ok, so as i understand it will be a major upgrade, a big one that will change allot the printer... not just + 1 head...
  2. an upgrade is good news for the old owners ! i am 90% ready to place my order
  3. ok, could you at least tell as if it would be an upgrade or something totally new ?... I can only say that I am working on a research project for Ultimaker. Hopefully drop some jaws when my research is released. I am sure that its something you have never seen on a 3d-at-home machine EDIT: Daid, you are right. The ultimaker was designed with dual extrusion in mind, but the dripping made it utterly impossible to print good prints. Take also in account that the bowden tube also causes a little bit of extrusion even when the thing is not extruding.
  4. Hello, does anybody know if ,in the near future, it will be available a dual head upgrade ?... or it will be a brand new machine ?... best regards Raffo
  5. so also the makerbot replaicator need two files ?...
  6. Thank you for such a detailed answer.! But, dual heads, needs two files ok, these files are produced automatically from the software or do you have to make them ?...
  7. ok, i am convinced !, but what about dual head ?.. and mostly for support material use... Here are a couple links of actual printed stuff: https://plus.google.com/u/0/?tab=gX#107 ... Nrpk9S9NzE http://davedurant.wordpress.com/2011/10 ... of-prints/
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