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  1. @approx - Nice Yoda! The chin and earlobes look pretty good, did you set a bridge % or use the default cura 100%? Also, which extruder design are you using with the mk6 gear, tlalexander's wade derivative? Kyle
  2. I posted some of my issues in the dedicated thread. The machined drive bolt is really nice. The first bearing holder I printed (the black swing arm) had too little infill and the post the bearing sits on crushed in use. Totally my fault for not printing it sturdy though. I machined my own 8-32 dowel nut and picked out a thumbscrew nut and some M4 spring washers at my local hardware store. Right now I have two wave washers seperated by regular washers to put them in series. The action is very smooth and it feels good in the hand with a pull test (hold the gear still and pull on the filament)
  3. Top to bottom: Tools: Craftsman 5.5mm wrench, Wiha (stock) driver, Pallet knife for removing parts (awesome) Prints: 20x20x1.6 wall T-Slot - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:10261 got the settings dialed for solid walls, next I'll add 20mm circles to the base so I can print the full 210mm height without it falling over. 1 Ultimaker mascot (first print after cal cylinders) - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11551 Shiny! ghagen Ultimaker Extruder (right) - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:15897 reprinted the bearing holder and added a couple M5 wave washers, ready to try it aga
  4. Wow, i'm really looking forward to trying out project planning Daid, if it has reasonably accurate time estimates, it will really help optimize unattended printing. My work shift is about 9.5 hrs front door to front door. I'd love to be able to cue up a full 9.5 hours of printing to run while i'm at work (or sleeping). A web cam, and remote desktop, and you could even pull the plug remotely if a part detaches from the bed. Kyle
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