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  1. is there any simple and user friendly guide of how i can install or use the SkeinPyPy on MAC? Its hard to understand how to use it! :/ Thank you!
  2. On the picture of the electronics, http://wiki.ultimaker.com/File:El1.5.4-PCB.jpg , look at the top/right. See the 3 little circuit boards plugged into the big board? Those are the Pololu stepper drivers for your X, Y and Z motors. On the picture, below each of the stepper drivers, are 3 little black rectangles. These are the jumpers that control how many "steps" it takes to turn the motor one revolution. Notice that the jumpers for the rightmost stepper driver (Z) is set differently from the other two - if you look really closely, you can see that the jumper (the little black plastic
  3. Sorry I don't know anything about electronics and boards and jumpers. Although i am pretty sure that i placed the wires correctly! where can i see that microstepping and how can i change it? :/ thank you
  4. My prints are printed in a wrong height (z - axis) the x and y scale are printing fine but all the models are shorter than they should be! Any ideas?
  5. thanks for replying! Yes to buy a new nozzle head its a good idea! But I've try to disconnect the head from the rest component but is stacked.... I've already emailed them twice but i din't have a reply yet!
  6. Thank you for your replies... I just found the problem! there is a crack on my nozzle head! how can this happened? and the question now is how do i disconnect it from the rest of connected components! I can't believe that happened now!
  7. Im using repligatorG ultimaker to generate the code with the default settings.About the nozzle and the platform - I'm not sure if the nozzle should be touching the nozzle or it should be slightly above, because when is slightly above plastic doesn't stack to the bed and it is ruined from the beginning. I also try to reduce the flow rate from 100% to 90% or 80% but then the plastic is not enough to connect each line.
  8. Hello I am a very new user and my trouble is that, as the plastic gets out from the nozzle head a small amount of that plastic collected and stacked on the head and then it stack on the printing object and it is ruining everything because it gets cool and the nozzle can't go over it. Any thoughts or advices?? thank you!
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