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  1. I've had my Ultimaker for a while now, and I'm struggling with the calibration stage. When I originally put it together I found that when using the stepper controls via Replicator G, although one axis moved reasonably OK, on the other axis one belt was exceptionally loose, meaning it didn't move at all. So, I ordered a replacement belt and fitted it - at this point the stepper controls couldn't move either axis. I then carefully recalibrated the axes to make sure they were properly perpendicular but this didn't appear to have any effect. I've noticed on one axis, that when I run the stepper controls, that if I pull on one of the motor belts a little bit, then the axis moves. However I can't get this tension to occur with any position of the motor. Also, this technique has no effect on the other motor belt at all. Additionally, in the process of attempting to tighten everything the screws on the "Part C" have started digging into the wood parts of the 4 brushing blocks. So, are my belts somehow all wrong, have I over/under lubricated it, have I just put it together backwards and upside down? Any tips or advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated - I'd quite like to graduate to a stage where I melt some plastic sometime soon Thanks in advance!
  2. The irony of the situation is not lost on me :lol: I'd just rather not run the risk of ruining the electronics if I can
  3. Hi, It's a trivial thing, but while assembling my kit, I seem to be lost the spacers for the Electronics kit, as shown here: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/File:ElectronicsSpacers.png - I remember seeing them at one point, but I don't know where they are now. Firstly does anyone know of replacements for both the threaded and unthreaded parts that are the correct size? Failing that, does anybody have the proper measurements for both parts. I tried my local Maplins, but the threaded part they had was threaded from both ends, with a big gap in the middle - not straight through in one direction. Thanks in advance!
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