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  1. I just received Nylon from Taulman. I was very disappointed to open the box and find unsealed thin and torn polyethylene plastic bags. There were desiccant packs in each bag but they and the Nylon must be saturated after a trip from Missouri to Massachusetts in a USPS truck if not before shipping. I posted a complaint on Taulman's store web form, so far no response after 5 days. Best, Bill
  2. Daid, I believe print bed zero height / parallelism repeatability is the most common cause of print failures for beginning users and is the biggest waste of time for most users. The platform rigidity and nut attachment to the platform needs significant improvement for the Ultimaker to reach its potential. Best, Bill
  3. Daid, Thanks for the quick improvements! Best, Bill
  4. Is this an Ultimaker or a home built Ultimaker Clone?
  5. Have you guys solved the problems and are you successfully printing? If so then how?
  6. Daid, Please add this to the documentation that I am sure you and Ultimaker are working on for Cura. Thanks, Bill
  7. Daid, When I run FirstRun Wizard > Ultimaker Checkup and click the limit switches the only feedback is the prompt to click the next limit switch thus when you click the bottom Z limit switch there is no feedback at all. Suggestion: An "Limit Switch OK" message after each switch is successfully detected so that the human explicity understands wether or not each of the switches are working. Thanks, Bill
  8. Daid, It doesn't light up and there are no other signs of life.
  9. Daid, Thanks for the quick reply and for Cura!. Any suggestions to isolate the motor wiring as a root cause?
  10. My Ulticontroller is not working. I followed the troubleshooting steps in the Wiki but no positive results. The screen does not light up, adjusting the pot doesn't work, switching the cables didn't work and a double push of the button doesn't make any noise. Any help is most appreciated, Thanks, Bill
  11. My Y Axis is not moving, just making noise. I followed the following steps to try to isolate the problem; 1) I loosened the motor mounting screws so that the motor was loose on the belt and tried to jog it with Cura to eliminate the pulleys, belts bearings and squareness from the motor. 2) I switched the X and Y Axis plugs on the board and still had the problem with Y motor driven by the X axis. 3) I want to adjust the pot for the Y Axis but it is so tiny that I can't tell which screwdriver bit is correct or even if I am engaging a screw. I tried to see it better with a magnifying app b
  12. I am assembling my Ultimaker kit and the Bowden Tube End Cut is not Square. The directions stress that it must protrude exactly 8mm but it measures 8 mm on the high side and 7.45 mm on the low side. If this is truly critical then Ultimaker needs to build a jig that consists of a 6.5 mm diameter tube 100 mm + long mounted in a block with a slit square to the tube so that you can use a utility knife razor blade to achieve a square cut when the tube is forced straight in the tube.
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