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  1. Yeah a combination of ultimaker with a laserhead will also do the job... :idea:
  2. I know that laser is the best way to make stamps, I have sold these machines (ULS) for a few years. However, you have to buy a complete rubber plate and burn away the parts you dont need. This takes forever and costs material which is evaporated. Next to this the machines are costly. Not the chinese ones but that is always a quality issue. :mrgreen: Bummer it won't work with the ultimaker... :cry:
  3. I know i may be a pain in the ass, but anyy chance That someone can do a print test with normal material and post a photo of the details here? Just some text with different font sizes from 4pt. Up to 12 pt. Arial.. total of approx.2 mm height, with shoulders on the sides of the text to prevent them from bending over..
  4. Thank you for your response! I learn a lot with these answers. The stamp I showed is laser engraved rubber, and probably one of the most idiotic stamps ever produced in terms of small detail. :mrgreen: Most of the stamps are text and line work, maybe a small logo sometimes. So let me put it another way; if you print text (for example Arial font); what is the smallest font size it will print holding the font and text nice and smooth?
  5. www.2printbeta.de this guy can deliver the soft pla in black colour. They indeed say that you have to play a bit with the temperature and the speed to get things looking allright, but it is possible. Printing on a cold / cooled surface should help. For what I see is that when you want t print a hand stamp, you need a perfect smooth top surface. you have to print with that so when you see the lines the print head makes it is a disaster. will it be possible to print the hand stamp upside down? in this way the print surface will take over the surface of the table which is perfectly smooth. Another question; when printing small text and characters; is the machine capable of doing this? for example this is a fine detailed rubber stamp; These are things I need to know before buying such a machine....quality-repreatibility-material.
  6. I have googles this and found a german company selling this stuff.. Anyone have a machine and this flexible material to do some tests? :oops:
  7. Hi guys, Incredible project. :!: I would like to print hand stamps with such a machine. Is there a material other than hard plastic that can be used with the 3d printer? It has to be rubber-like; compressible and approx. 55 degrees shore a. Also it has to be UV resistant otherwise it will dry out completely on your desk in a few months. And ofcoase it has to transfer ink. Normally used material for this is photopolymer (like the Objet machines use) to be cured with UV light and ofcoarse natural and vulcanized rubber. I know that there are companies that can easily make the little balls for extruding machines that have the characteristics. They contain chalk powder also which is a filling component. Is this usable with the ultimaker? (Balls and powder containing material) Please let me know, thanks!!
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