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  1. Hi everyone, just to provide some positive closure to this one.... I am now using Daid's excellent SkeinPyPy Beta4 with the default PID settings and Marlin firmware that it updates to when first run. I am getting a very tight +/- 0.5 degree now on the temperature control. Many thanks for the help! Dave.
  2. Thanks Erik, I will explore this if I have to push the temperature boundary any higher and get tighter regulation. I am still a new user, so am trying to avoid as many experimental features as possible but I can definitely see the benefit if it reduces the temperature variation at high set-point values. Is it intended to run 'on the fly' or to derive better Kp, Ki and Kd values for each particular Ultimaker?
  3. No kidding! OK, after some experimentation with ABS I would now say that the highest reliable set-point temperature that does not trip the heater shut-down is around 268 degrees. I am satisfied that with this temperature, I can get ABS to stick together nicely. For the record, my heated platform is measured at 120 degrees and the FAN IS OFF. Altogether I now have some satisfyingly un-warped ABS prints for the first time even with 100% fill. The build surface is currently blue tape brushed with several layers of ABS dissolved in Acetone.
  4. Thanks Daid for the fast reply. I have now tried "Build Me Marlin". This is really good - you really are helping me run before I can walk! In short, as far as I can tell, PID does the same thing but for very good reasons. What I can see now is that the initial rise in temperature overshoots the setpoint of 272 such that the extruder maximum temperature default of 275 is exceeded (277 reported), so the heater is turned off and the temperature correctly falls back. I suppose I could reduce the Kp value to reduce the overshoot, but then the whole dynamics of temperature control are altered
  5. I have been trying to get quality prints with ABS for the first time and have noticed that Marlin U0.9.3.1 does not correctly regulate the temperature of the hot end if the set-point temperature is too high. I have included two charts that show the effect. For the set-point of 210 degrees, the temperature is correctly regulated with some ripple as expected. With the set-point of 272 degrees, the temperature rises to the correct aiming point, reaches it but then drops back again. Does anyone know what the maximum set-point temperature is and if there is a work-around?
  6. I have built a heated bed using 8mm aluminium plate. This is independently controlled and powered at the moment for simplicity. It sits at 110 degrees with not much variation as it is a huge thermal mass. I have now noticed that it is seriously affecting the regulation of the nozzle temperature which was previously excellent. This is resulting in serious ripple and layer separation in the z-axis when the temperature drops too low. (But with no warp!) I am printing ABS at a set-point of 276 °C. The reported temperature from the thermocouple varies between 231 and 277 instead of the usual few
  7. I have just been through my notes so I can be sure of what I installed. Repeating this should result in a working Ultimaker with Marlin and Skein_PyPy: I followed instructions from the wiki: http://wiki.ultimaker.com/SkeinPyPy i updated the 5D firmware to Marlin from here (the first Marlin link in that wiki): http://daid.eu/~daid/marlin_build/ ... sE=865.888 Then I installed the alpha4 version of Skein_PyPy from here: https://github.com/daid/SkeinPyPy/downloads Anyone with a recent Ultimaker should be able to repeat the above and get the same great results. Jet, did you get it work
  8. Hi Daid, I need to be more precise. Just trying to point Jet in the direction of alpha 4 and Marlin from your builder tool. When the novelty wears off, I will try the Beta; I am really interested in your user interface developments, but don't want to hijack Jet's post. Keep up the great work! Dave.
  9. I doubt this is the same issue because I used everything from Daid's SkeinPyPy build (including Printrun, Marlin and Skeinforge) and it all worked out of the wrapper with stock Ultimaker hardware. Let me re-iterate: I used everything from Daid's build with no modification, no parameter changes, no M code changes. If Jet does the same, it should work just fine.
  10. Use Daid's Marlin updater (run the bat file) that comes with his build. It's down in the directory structure somewhere, I forget...
  11. And you did update to Marlin?
  12. Quick point, you did re-slice with Skeinpypy and didn't just print the same gcode as before? That definitely won't work...just checking!
  13. Jet-yes I haven't got over the hypnotic stage yet! I actually used default everything, did not change, parameters or microstepping jumpers. just temperature. So not sure why it is different for you. Maybe Daid will jump in here... Not at the machine at the moment but will check versions for comparison later.
  14. Hi Jet, we have similar vintage machines, mine is 4. days old In Printrun, press the check temperature button. Make sure this is correct before attempting to extrude with the material feeder. . Assuming you are using PLA, anything above 220 should be a good point to start. With the material feeder did-engaged, push the filament into the tube manually. Get a feel for this, you do not go mad! Eventually when the tube is full of filament and it has melted, you will be able to push threads out of the nozzle. Then try the material feed mechanism by pursing extrude in printrun interface. Take
  15. Ok, thanks. I just change orientation in Rep G, save, then load into Printrun for Skein PyPy. It's still faster.
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