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  1. There might be another retract aproach to get around the retraction problem in netFabb: I found it looking into the current Marlin code. There might be another approach Uncomment line 252 in the Configuration_adv.h an recompile the firmware. // #define FWRETRACT //ONLY PARTIALLY TESTED into #define FWRETRACT //ONLY PARTIALLY TESTED You should get an additional menu item in the LCD-panel where you could manually set the retract settings. Maybe this is a solution... I haven't it yet, but it might do what (we) want…. (and - trying to understand the code - maybe it is possible to optimize the retraction settings even during the print….) Janosch
  2. Netfabb 4.9.3 upgrade seems to be mostly Fabbster driven: More information could be found here: http://wiki.fabbster.com/Software#Version_4.9.3
  3. Hi Alexander, which Ultimaker firmware Version are you recommending for using with the new Netfabb 4.9.2? I will try it tonight ;-) Thanks, Janosch
  4. Hello Daid, Hello Joergen, Thanks a lot or you answer. I know what I am doing is at the limits. But digging into the detail it is not the Ultimakers limit, but unfortunately its the Software (SF / Cura). If you look at approx's print of the Eiffel Tower http://forum.ultimaker.com/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=697#p4509 you could see that print of structure suddenly stopped. This is the result of issue we are discussing here. Its pure software. The discussion of "is a printer able to to extrude smaller widths than its nozzle diameter" is academic. The result are failed prints. (and fixing it, the print will also be clearer, because currently there are structures "in the air" where the Ultimaker is extruding a bit right in the air, resulting a little blob at the next structure. (because the structure below has been skipped). About a week ago, I could not have imagined to print these little details. What I also tried was emphasizing extrusion on these little details . This is a incredibly stable print: (I think I would have carried 2 to 3 times as much weight…) (Also thanks to a good construction >100 years ago) Yesterday, I was trying to find the part in the SF source code and modify it. But unfortunately I wasn't able to identify it. So - any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot, Janosch
  5. Because of the limit of three attachments I am using a reply to post another pictures: - needed for a better understanding of the upper questions. (the print was not optimized for anti-stringing)
  6. Hi I am trying to print the Eiffel Tower - which is still teaching me a lot about my Ultimaker and CURA / NetFabb. Several things: How is CURA deciding what it will print, and what is left out. Is there any option to define a minimum detail / line length? Printing the eiffel tower at 100% will lead to failed structure in the upper part, printing in about 165% (="scale object to machine size") the part below the third platform will be left out. because the structures below are too small. Unfortunately my Ultimaker has no anti gravity switch - so the print will fail My issue is, that I would print small structures ? How is Cura deciding what to print and what to leave out? Could this threshold be set manually ("minimum detail") or automatically (e.g. half of the nozzle size) Would it even make sense make sense to emphasize these little details to nozzle size? Without it you won't be able to print the Eiffel Tower in one part because it has structures finer than the print resolution of CURA / netFabb. (it is already loosing a lot of the inner structures) Is there any way to define it (or do you have a hint, (in which module) I would be able to hack it ?) Cooling: It would be great, if the nozzle would be moved away (e.g. mm to the top) from the object while it should cool If not, the plastic would not cool and the nozzle is moving the still liquid struchture. Bug - (or feature:) I am receiving this error messages a lot. You can reproduce it by pressing "Slice to Gcode" once from the included STL file. I receive a lot of the following error messages_ IndexError: list index out of range Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Program Files\Cura_RC3\Cura\gui\preview3d.py", line 427, in OnPaint glTranslate(0,0,-self.parent.gcode.layerList[self.parent.layerSpin.GetValue()][0].list[-1].z) Are these errors being generated when there empty layers - when there is nothing to print on this layer? Could this be used to generate a warning - that you are printing something with totally empty layers in between. (at least with one material - without support structures?) The original Eiffeltower file is from http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:22051 Thanks, Janosch
  7. Hi Flo, I would also attend their Technologietag. Would be really nice to meeting you there. See you Friday, Janosch
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