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  1. Hi all, just started to put together my Ultimaker. Nice. Smooth ride so far. Kudos Ultimaker team! Now i am at the hot end nozzle. Checking it i see some things that make me wonder if i run into a problem later (especially having read all the discussions about leaking hot ends or stopped extrusion): I put some images together to illustrate what i am talking about... http://peter3d.imgur.com 1) The nozzle tip is not cut perpendicular with respect to the inside of the channel / threaded tube (pic1) 2) The Nozzle aperture is not centered on the tip of the nozzle cone. From the outside it looks ok, but on the inside where the molten plastic will be, it clearly is not. (pic2) 3) If i screw the threaded tube into the nozzle nut ... the threaded tube is not concentric to the inside cone in the nut: a little bit of the brass of the nut is protruding into the flow channel. This is not some remaining brass chip when cutting the thread but one sees a part of the nut itself. (pic 3-8) Has anyone experienced the same or knows if this will be showstopper? Should i get in contact with the Ultimaker guys for some spare part? I am not exactly fond of the thought of spending time on the lathe to make a new nozzle Cheers, peter
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