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  1. I'm looking at getting either a Makerbot or a Ultimaker. It looks like the Ultimaker can print in smaller Z layers than the Makerbot. How does it do this? Can it print at this low Z layer height in ABS? It looks like (to my eyes anyway) that the real high resolution models are printed in PLA, that's why I'm asking if it can do this in ABS as well. The speed is a "cool factor" to me, resolution is more important. Thanks, Monte
  2. Hi, I can't find any good info on the nozzle size(s) available for the Ultimaker. I can find the build envelope, speeds, etc. Also speeds with ? nozzle would be cool to know. I guess to be more specific, how small of a nozzle is available? I'm not really concerned with fast prints, more so with smooth finishes on the parts. Thanks, Monte
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