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  1. My face for the last few minutes -> :shock: Seems I need a lot of tinkering to get that done. Can you build one for me too (with permission of the original owner of course). Yea sure! What finger size and what kind of ring do you want?
  2. YES THANK YOU! Hahaha i'm so glad it worked! The other one would probably be way too intricate...but if you want I can generate a few more models to give you some extra 70's bling bling to test? I'm amazed that worked so well!
  3. Yea I think so too, but a guy can dream.
  4. Okay so I've come up with two test rings if anyone is feeling courageous! Netfabb would be great but if someone wants to print it without netfabb go ahead just post pictures! EASY MODE: Ultimaker Band Ring HARD MODE: Signet Ring The spacing on some of those gaps is tiny so i'm curious to see how it works out! Here is the download package with all the files, please if you print one of these take a picture! Or if you're still willing to send me one let me know http://www.mediafire.com/?53qd4xq7ju5f46m
  5. Am i off base with something here? 50 views and no reply...does no one want to do this? :(
  6. Hey guys, i'm seriously considering purchasing an ultimaker to use for printing my 3D jewellery designs to use in casting. I would really like to know how the resolution is on my models however, as that is a huge part of me purchasing one! Is it possible for someone with an ultimaker to print a model of mine and mail it to me? I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and would be more than willing to throw someone 10 bucks by paypal for the shipping and printing cost! it's just a small ring, but I would need someone with netfabb to get the absolute smallest outside resolution possible. Anyone
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