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  1. Hi there, Is there someone in the Netherlands who already printed parts in Nylon or is willing to do so? (Taulman 618 Nylon?) We would like to have some parts printed in this material. Please contact me so we can work out pricing etc. Thanks.
  2. The Orca V0.40 I refered to is the one from http://mendel-parts.com/ (temporarily website down). Looks a lot more stable than most Mendel based printers. If Ultimaker is offering heated print beds in the (near) future, that would make the choice even harder We found a company that is willing to print us a testprint on the Rapman 3.2, now we would still like a sample from an Ultimaker and an Orca so we can make a choice. Anyone who can print a sample for us (if in Eindhoven area, we would like to see the printer in action in real life if possible)?
  3. We are in the market for a 3d printer. Currently our preference goes to an Ultimaker, Orca V0.40 or a Rapman 3.2 Ultimaker and Orca are both developed by Dutch companies which is a plus for us because we are based in Eindhoven (NL). Orca has a heated bed, that's a plus to. Ultimaker seems to be a little more plug and play than the other two. I don't mind building the printer (actually, that's part of the fun I guess), but once build, I'd like to start printing right away. Wile reading in this forum and other places on the internet I got confused a little by all the info going around. So I need some help to pick the right printer. I do have experience with a ZCorp Z450 so I'm not entirly new to 3d printing, but the filament extruder printers are a little diferent. I don't expect to get the same quality or resolution as on the Z450, but we would like to be able to make or own proto's in house in stead of having them SLS-ed (or something like that) at an external company. Is there anyone in Eindhoven or surroundings, who owns one or more of the pinters as described and who is willing to print us some parts (willing to pay for this) so we can compare a little better? If possible I'd like to come see the printers in real life. Other advice regarding the choice is also very welcome! Cheers. Roel
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