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  1. Thanks Ian! Since the bottom of the model was uneven, I used support so that it would even it out.. I don't really know how to use 3d software, but I am sure folks proficient in it could even out and straighten the base Hitesh
  2. Yoda is Armstrom's print, not mine.. yea I use Taylor's wade extruder design Hitesh
  3. Thanks Florian! Yes i had retraction enabled and am using the mk6 gear. @concreteTurtle: The whistle looks great. Does it generate sound? I tried printing a similar one (or probably the same one)..it looked good, but did not have any sound..maybe i didnt have the infill set right.. Hitesh
  4. The United States Capitol. Sliced using Cura (.2mm layer height, support enabled as the bottom is uneven). took about 6 hours to print. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:26032 - Hitesh
  5. What is the thingiverse link for this object?
  6. So previous versions of Cura - CuraRC1 for example - had a 'copy' button (as seen below) to achieve what you're trying to do.. So you can download the previous version to try it.. But it seems Daid took that functionality out from the later versions and added it instead to ProjectPlanner - the difference being that project planner will print the objects one by one, while the 'copy' function would enable you to print all the copies simultaneously.. Another option is to use plater.py to open up the stl 4 times and then place it where you want to place it and then export it as a single stl..
  7. Hi ConcreteTurtle: If the tension screw is too tight, the filament will eat away at the material. The first two video links(from Jeorgen) might be helpful.... Filament pressure: http://db.tt/zVcKL9q0 Bolt tightening: http://db.tt/j95qMlaQ Filament-Bowden-Peek transition 1: http://db.tt/FVAU7hiH Filament-Bowden-Peek transition 2: http://db.tt/Ag7OpbbT Filament-Bowden-Peek transition 3: http://db.tt/Kd3kPPrg
  8. Yea I'm taking requests you're right pyramids are not that impressive print wise.. maybe the golden gate bridge with all that bridging and overhang...maybe not..
  9. After Eiffel tower, I thought why not try printing another tower. So here it is - Leaning tower of pisa in glow-in-dark PLA http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:24772 - Hitesh Vacancy Frontenddeveloper.pdf Vacancy_ChannelSalesManager.pdf
  10. Thanks Alaris2, Frode.! Total printing time was about 20 hours.. I sliced using Cura. I also tried using slic3r, but it would crash when the memory usage was around 1.5/1.6GB.. Not sure whether slic3r has some sort of limitation on memory usage....
  11. Scaled up Eiffel tower model 3x because the original one was too small for the slicer to slice..(certain areas - width - was less than the nozzle size) so slicer would output empty spaces in air...Also, I am using taylor's extruder with mk6 gear.... This had lots and lots of retraction..printed in two parts..14 hours and 6 hours.. Hitesh
  12. How is Flexible PLA different from normal PLA (besides being flexible?)? And where did you purchase flexible pla? I got it from Ultimaker, they have white and black. And it flexes. It's a bit like a strong rubber. To compare it to normal PLA. I can tie a knot into flexible PLA in 50x50mm, without breaking it or permanently deforming it. Impossible with normal PLA. But it's almost impossible to extrude it right with the current extruder design. You need something that puts the pressure more spread along the filament, so it doesn't dig in as easy on a soft spot. I might give it a try with Ge
  13. How is Flexible PLA different from normal PLA (besides being flexible?)? And where did you purchase flexible pla? Its like PVA: A horror for beginners. Its pretty flexible and bendable, and can be squashed together (so you need to get a really good force to get it working). And you can purchase flex pla from Ultimaker. I see.. what would be an example of a object that would turn out better when printed using flexible PLA - bracelet?
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