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  1. Is there a thread where we share all our best Cura Profile Settings or where can I look up These (e.g. There was once a Profile for Thin walled objects like Vase) ?
  2. Thanks a lot for the tips! I changed the Filament and now it works again. It was a new roll of white PLA from German RepRap. The Diameter seems ok ~2,90 but it didn't work for some reason (maybe also humidity???). On the other Hand I'm still not 100% sure if that was the main reason because in my Panic Phase I changed things in parallel (nozzle, Extruder bolt). When I have more time I will try to examine the Filament again - but for now the risk is too high because I have 4-5 hours prints to do!
  3. I have had this too, before. Like gr5 said, it is a rubbing/friction issue. Be sure to oil your rods from time to time. I always have a tube of oil besides my UM. I am a bit paranoid, but I oil the rods every 3 hours or so...
  4. Hi community! i am facing a problem which i can't solve by my own anymore, so please help! I have been using my UM since over a year now, without any Major Problems. But now since a few days my Printer will stop extruding after printing a few layers (see pic). After I stop the machine then, I could still extrude the Filament by Hand. So this is what I have done so far: - Demounting the nozzle (see pic), in my opinion no clogging - though the Filament Looks weird, it is hollow until the upper end of the hotend brass part, before demounting the nozzle I retracted the Filament by Hand when
  5. I wouldn't wanna say that netfabb is bad. Quite the contrary, I am using netfabb for 90% of my prints. In my opinion it is outstanding when it comes to very detailed small prints in ultra quality. Cura isn't there yet. The only ting i would like to claim is the customer support. It could be much better (Proactive information on updates, reaction time on requests,...)
  6. Hi Alexander, thanks for your hints! A reset of the machine settings made it work again! And retraction seems to work! A few more questions: The start sequence is a bit weird - the head moves to the very right X position, starting to draw Y lines. Does this have to be necessariliy or what is the clue behind? Im asking because this movement leads to a endstop hit (at least I guess it does) and therefore the print starts at a complete different position than defined. The other question is about temperature of the new material styles. They all run with higher temperatures than before (e.g.
  7. Hi Sonarok, you are not the only one facing problems with new new 4.9.4 version! This isn't the christmas present it was supposed to be. It is producing really weird gcode concerning the E step calculation. The E steps seem to be running to infinity! Printing with this gcode leads to a massive extrusion of course! Please help me! What am I doing wrong or is there a huge bug in 4.9.4 ?? Also the update was released without any documentation... This isn't very customer friendly! Although I appreciate the effort to come up with a new version right before christmas... But I am not able t
  8. Hi all, thanks for your solutions! Indeed one of my short belts went sloppy. And additionally, my rods were dry after hours of printing. So I guess this all led to loss of steps. I will now try to make the short belt tensioner posted on thingiverse, and will use machine oil for oiling my rods instead of the grease shipped with UM, because out of my experience this grease will be pushed away by the bearings soon. Thanks for your great support! almi
  9. Hi all, please help me out with the following issue. I have a relatively huge object to print. After 2-3 hours of printing the Ultimaker somehow looses its positions of Gcode and moves sidewards into one direction. First I thought of an issue with the endstop, but then I printed another small object with the same issue which cannot reach the endstops at all. This happened now 4 times witth the same object, always at about the same height. Is it a mechanical problem or a fault by the slicer? The gcode was done by netfabb. Could it be an underrun of cpu buffer? Please help me. Thank
  10. Thanks, Robert that is the solution! Cheers, Andreas
  11. Hi all! Maybe somebody could help me with the support structure settings in netfabb. I want to avoid the first layers of basic support on the platform, which netfabb always does, no matter what kind of support settings I choose. It is because this basic structure leads to fails in the first layers of my object itself, and it is not necessary at all, because my object doesn't have overhangs in the lower parts, it is totally flat at the bottom and fits perfect on the plattform. Though, my object has 90° overhangs in the upper part, so I need a support structure there for sure. How can I av
  12. Hi community, I am facing problems using the blue translucent PLA bought from the Ultimaker Shop. Thankfully with this material you can see any extrusion problems very good because when a problem occurs, the color changes from blue to a sort of white transparent, as you can see on the picture, my part has this on the top section (picture left side), but also on the bottom (where the part was lying on the platform, picture right side). It stopped extrusion after it changed the color. I was using netfabb High Quality profile to slice, and changed the material profile "PLA - High" to a te
  13. Thanks Owen. I now solved the issue. The M501 command only works with the Marlin firmware. In my case, for what reason ever I thought I had Marlin on, but actually it was a Sprinter version. Now that I have Marlin on, I receive full EEPROm information after the M501 command. So now I can try the X, Y Axes compensation. Thanks, almi
  14. I also tried to retrieve the EEPROM parameters in RepG (By sending an M501 command via GCODE dummy file) and got following: "Couldn't show onboard paramters, driver doesn't implement onboard parameters" Now I am using the Marlin Build 3 from Bernhard Kubicek. What driver do you use? sending: N4 T0 M105 *71 [22] received: ok t:51.27, raw:105 b:0.00 [22] sending: N5 M501 *2 [22] received: ok [22] sending: N6 M108 S0 *79 [22] received: ok [22] Scheduling machine state change event: READY [22] Machine state changed to BUILDING [22] Yes, I have a Realtime Control feature. [22] Sending
  15. Owen, thanks for hints on calibrating the X,Y values. I would wanna give it a try on my machine, too. But of course need my actual values. Your tip was "send M501 to view what they are currently". I have sent M501 in printrun and it won't show me any information about the actual EEPROM values. What went wrong? Any initial command to be sent for retrieving the data? Thanks for any hint and cheers, almi
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