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  1. THanks Joergen, I did do some maths, but wasn't sure if it really translated to real world results. Quality is very subjective also, which makes it almost impossible to compare performance/quality without having both printers side by side. Or can the UM clearly print at the same quality as the UP at 3, 4 or 5+ times the speed ?
  2. Thanks ddurant and Daid for your replies. I'm assuming that even though the UM is incredibly quick, to get high quality parts the speed would need to be significantly reduced? It seems it is difficult to do a direct speed comparison between machines, when it comes to quality. The UP for instance says it can print from 10-100cm^3/h. I have no idea how that converts to mm/s. I guess what I am asking, is what sort of quality can one expect at high print rates?
  3. Thanks again ddurant! Makes sense. Incidentally, now the UP! 3D printer is available for about $1250, would that outperform the mosaic ? or ultimaker for that matter. Of course with a much smaller print area. Cheers Jamie
  4. Thanks ddurant, that was very helpful. One other thing I did forget to ask. What shapes can't you build with an ultimaker or kin ?
  5. Hi all, I'm deciding on my first 3D printer, and I think I want to go the ultimaker route. Probably a really silly question to ask on this forum, but is this a good value for money first choice ? I realize there are cheaper solutions, but speed and precision are important to me. For half the money I can buy a mendel unit. But I was under the impression they take much more time and effort to get working well, and possibly not capable of the print quality and definitely not the speed. Or have I got this wrong? Secondly, how strong are the parts these machines make ? I'd really love to see a
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