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  1. That is good to hear, thank you for following that route. If I understand it correctly, your issues have been resolved and your printer is now successfully updated to 6.1 Again our apologies for the inconvenience and we're happy we've been able to help you on such a short notice. Have a great day!
  2. Hi, I want to recommend everyone who had an issue with updating the firmware to create a ticket via this link. Our support engineers are ready for you with instructions on how to recover your Ultimaker. Please make sure to specify in your ticket what printer you have; Ultimaker S3, Ultimaker S5 R1 (has a robot on the side), or Ultimaker S5 R2 (has a U on the side), with or without a material station/air manager or an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle. We'll get back with you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this, feel free to send me a DM. Hope you all have a great day,
  3. Hello, thank you for all the comments here. I'm sure we'll be able to help all of you. A procedure exists that allows you to recover your printer when it stalls during the installation of new firmware, hopefully this takes some worries away. This is available both in and out of warranty.
  4. With firmware 6.1 we’re bringing static IP, an upgraded OS and more features to all S-line printers. Let’s dive right into it! Network and security improvements. Upgraded operating system Since the release of firmware 6.0, Ultimaker S-line 3D printers have been upgraded from the Linux Debian Jessie distribution to Linux Debian Buster distribution. This new OS comes with some security improvements and we believe it elevates our existing firmware to be more future-proof and allowing for a more secure 3D print environment. Important: Due to the upgrade in
  5. Hi, it could be that your front fan may not be spinning (sufficiently) anymore. Could be a few strings of filament got stuck in between the blades. Alternatively, or perhaps simultaneously, it's also possible that the tip of your bowden tube is skewed (did you ever cut it?) or not inserted fully and there is a small gap between the bowden tube and the coupler where your filament can expand.
  6. Hi, sorry to hear about that. Have you tried again to fill out the form again? Could have been a temporary glitch.
  7. Thanks for the feedback. I don't know why you would see it as ominous though, it is quite simple. We ask you to fill out the form so we can know our users better, in return you can win an Ultimaker S3. So if you don't fill it out, you don't really meet the criteria and therefor shouldn't be considered as a candidate among those who did.
  8. Hello! I do 🙂 Obviously we would like to ask you to fill out the form as accurately as possible, so we can understand better who our customers are. But if a field does not apply to you but it is marked as mandatory, like when you are a student for example, you can fill out 'student'. Or 'unknown'. It does not mean you can not enter, you certainly may. 🙂 Good luck!
  9. Hi, I would probably print it with support or a raft. Depending on if you can print with Breakaway filament or PVA or not, you may need to do some post processing to remove the remaining scars of the support material from your printed object. Cura also allows for some configuring to add some extra space in X/Y/Z for your support structures in which you can influence how tight your support is merged with your model.
  10. SandervG


    See you around on the forums! Hopefully you will learn a lot here about 3D printing and you'll be able to enjoy this wonderful technology to the fullest.
  11. That sounds good, and not hectic at all. Everyone needs a rest every now and then. Take care!
  12. That fully depends on the age and condition of your Ultimaker. Take a look at this thread, you might find some inspiration or guidance.
  13. @svdstaak You could have fooled me that this was a full size sled.
  14. @DrCeeVee I just only now saw your post. Very satisfying to see indeed, especially those layers on the side. Some people don't like them, but sometimes such nice layers are more beautiful than a smooth surface. Did your nephew like the phone holder?
  15. Good questions! Hopefully you'll find some help here. I'll also share this with our product experts if they have any input.
  16. Hi Kevin, Do you mean this material by chance? https://marketplace.ultimaker.com/app/cura/materials/3DXTECH/3DXTECH_CF_PA6_2019 If so, or if you mean a different material that is not listed in our marketplace, it most likely gets stuck because the material profile is not optimized for the material station. (I am assuming you use it in combination with a material station since you have listed on your profile that you have an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle). I will check if an update is on its way, and otherwise I'll ask if 3DXTECH is considering of updating/adding
  17. Hello, Thank you for your message. The dehumidifier might need to be replaced. I would like to ask if you could share log files with me so we can have a look. You can share them with me via this thread or DM, whichever you prefer. You can get the log files via these instructions: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015583819-Save-log-files-to-USB Thank you,
  18. Hi @JerichoGuitars, thank you for your post! It sounds very interesting, but unfortunately it looks like the images you tried to attach are not visible, but a broken link. Could you perhaps have a look at this, and if possible add the images again? Thanks!
  19. I wanted to follow up on this discussion by linking to a support article with instructions on how to access API and how to remove materials if you want to: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016857859-How-to-troubleshoot-issues-with-material-printer-synchronization- Instructions are on the second half of the page. Good luck!
  20. If the print core is indeed programmed incorrectly, you should be able to report this with your reseller and get a new print core. Good luck!
  21. Hello, Thank you for your message and I'm sorry to hear about your issue. It is important to realise that we, Ultimaker support and community moderators, are happy to support you in getting your printer back to work. But the instructions and especially the recovery image could become updated over time and to ensure everyone uses the correct files, and not make the problem worse, we prefer if they are not shared publicly. Do you have an issue? Ask us and we'll make sure you get the correct information. I'll send you a DM with the recovery image you need
  22. Hi! Well, that makes them not the same, does it? 😉 Since one is rigid and the other is flexible, that would be exactly what you would put in the <materials> field. If I may make a suggestion: Brand: TCPoly Material: ICE9 PA Rigid Color: Dark grey Label: should be used more for like references to a certain layer height, or for 'engineering profile'. So whatever applies here. The other one could be: Brand: TCPoly Material: ICE9 PA FLEX Color: Dark grey Label: should be used more for like references to a certain layer height, or for 'engi
  23. Hi, let me check with one of our product experts and get back with you. But if you look at the existing material profiles on an Ultimaker (let's take TPU as an example), if you browse through the list of materials on your Ultimaker you see only material types, like TPU 95A listed. Which is: <material>TPU 95A</material> So perhaps you could change the <material> field to what you want it to list?
  24. You could also try to set Combing mode to 'not in skin'. Not sure how it works with spiralize, but usually it should help to prevent 'scars' running through the top surface of your print.
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