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  1. Hi @ocieward, thank you for your message and flagging this. If a reseller still has it listed as a feature we will reach out and make sure the information displayed it correct. If you come across any reseller or source who still lists this as a feature, please feel free to flag this with us so we can reach out to them and ensure all information is correct. I'm sorry to hear if the Ultimaker S5 left some room to desire for user NBull and P3D. If there is anything we can do to help you get more out of your machine feel free to let us know. One thing I read in your comment was dimensional accuracy, and depending on what you're after, with some changes to a print profile you can already make some good progress, if the existing profile does not give you what you need. And in general I think it is always a good idea to orientate yourself before you make a commitment, but I am very confident about the capabilities of Ultimaker 🙂 If @ocieward has some further questions or uncertainties in his search for a 3D printer, please feel free to let us know! This great community of 3D printing experts is here to help!
  2. Hi @Link, we're sorry to hear you have not received the additional build plate yet. I don't think you have to chase down the reseller, but if it makes feel more at ease knowing they haven't forgotten about you, you should definitely feel free to reach out to them. I'll also reach out to them to see where they stand. How has your Ultimaker been working for you in the mean time? Hope it helps, have a great day!
  3. Settings in Cura which you might want to experiment with when you're printing with PLA / Tough PLA: Line width: 0.4 Wall thickness: 1.2 Top/Bottom thickness: 1.2 Speeds: 40 Jerks: 20 Horizontal expansion: -0.03 walls: 3
  4. You may also want to check out our Youtube playlists. There are some about Cura software too, and even though the interface of Cura has changed, in the basics it is still the same and you might still find it useful.
  5. Hi Geert, all plans caught up and the community is back in the main navigation, except now it can be found under 'Learn'.
  6. Hi Geert, Thank you for noticing and reporting here. We're busy restructuring the website, navigation and contents. In this project it is likely that the link to the community page will be moved, but not removed. These optimisations are done in phases, and due to a delay mid-process it is now temporarily available in the footer, and mid-homepage. I expect another update this week. Our apologies for the inconvenience!
  7. You can find more information on the latest firmware via this thread: https://ultimaker.com/en/ultimaker-firmware
  8. SandervG

    S5 Active Level

    Hi @Link, thank you for your question. We've had this question before. We realize it does add some additional time to the start of a 3D print but we've condemned it necessary for the success rate and reliability of an Ultimaker S5. Where on an Ultimaker 3 or other smaller sized 3D printer a marginal offset in bed leveling may not be much of a problem because it can be compensated by the thickness of the first layer, the build size with an Ultimaker S5 is significantly larger so a small deviation on one end of the build plate can result in a larger gap on the other side. Added to this is also the size of the manufactured build plates. While we strive for flatness, the larger a build plate gets the more difficult this also gets. Therefore we also considered it to be crucial for an Ultimaker S5 to always level the bed to compensate for any offset that might be there. Whether it might be visible or not. While not always the case, the build plate also allows for large prints which can take multiple hours. On such large prints, an additional minute is neglectable if it ensures a higher success rate. Hope this helps 🙂
  9. Hi, as some/most of you may have realized a new stable firmware has been released. As @ultiarjan just linked to, you can find an overview of the contents of this new firmware via that link. For your convenience I'll post some of it below: Firmware 5.2.11 is a fix release to correct issues reported in firmware 5.2.8. This fix will address the issues discussed below: Update via USB. Fixed an issue where printers without a network connection couldn’t update to the .swu file system. Users that tried to upgrade to firmware 5.2.8 via USB would get stuck on the stepping stone version due to a mismatch between the onboard time stamp of the printer, which would default to standard Linux (UNIX) time, and the timestamp of the downloaded file. XY calibration. Fixed an issue which prevented the XY calibration procedure from extruding properly. All printers running firmware 5.2.8 would initiate the XY calibration procedure with filament in a retracted state. This meant that the procedure would finish its sequence without extruding correctly. Firmware 5.2.11 ensures that filament is fully primed before initiating XY calibration. Screen issues. Fixed an issue where the screen on the Ultimaker 3 shifted or rotated. Firmware 5.2.11 included a redundant feature that was interacting with the Linux kernel in an unexpected way, leading to shifted or rotating screens. This feature has been completely removed in firmware 5.2.11. Third-party materials. Abrasive materials have been removed from the Ultimaker 3 material selection menu, as printing abrasive materials will damage the Ultimaker 3 feeder wheel. @Link, you should be able to update your firmware fine if you follow the instructions on your Ultimaker. You will first be taken to a 'stepping stone' firmware update, and consequently, install the latest new version. And congratulations with your Ultimaker! 🙂
  10. Hi @AAGC, thank you for your post. Have you already been in touch with your reseller regarding improving the print quality and level of satisfaction? While in some cases maybe obvious, could you pinpoint which things you're not satisfied with concerning print quality?
  11. Hi @kfsone, thank you for your message. I'm not sure if I understand your question entirely. Are you asking if there was a firmware version available just before this one, which could introduce leveling issues? Could you describe the issues you were having? If you print on the wrong side of the glass plate the leveling is done correctly, except your filament most likely sticks less to the bed. I believe leveling issues introduced by the firmware would result in a wrong distance between the nozzle and the bed, which is quite different behavior. What are you experiencing?
  12. Hi, I'll send you a DM with my colleague's email address that should be able to help you!
  13. Hi @Link, thank you for your post. Good that you are investigating your purchase and checking out our community of 3D printing experts! 1: Only the XY calibration bug is found persistently through all firmware installs. While annoying, there is a workaround where you can manually push the filament in when it retracts too far. And while there are many users who don't suffer from any issues I would probably recommend to wait until the new firmware is available. You may be safe, but you may enjoy the peace of mind of working with a confirmed stable firmware version more. 2: Before your Ultimaker S5 is being shipped, you could ask if your reseller can verify which firmware is installed. You could ask if the reseller would be willing to roll back to the previous firmware while it hasn't shipped yet. Known bugs: XY calibration (retracts too much), connectivity to wifi can suffer, rotated/shifted screens and it can get stuck on 'print finished' but this seems mostly the case for some UM3's. There are some reported issues with Z offset, but unless my memory fails me that also related to Ultimaker 3's because of some improvements to the active leveling algorithm, which was unchanged for the Ultimaker S5. Hope this helps!
  14. Hello, I need to support @Smithy here. Our community is a great place for help and even a better place to learn more about your Ultimaker and how to get the most out of it. We have many expert users who are able to help other users with tips on how to improve their prints or how to overcome issues if you would ever run into any. And distributors and resellers should rightfully so direct customers here to learn more and become 3D printing experts themselves. But it is not an official technical support platform. A lot of the support and help you may find here is 'peer to peer support'. Meaning, from one user to another. Which is of great value, which comes from years of experience and usually comes fast. But it is an important differentiator from an 'official support platform' from trained Ultimaker staff. Even though myself and other Ultimaker team members are active in this community, is because we also gain great insights from our users here and we're happy to help where we can. It is also very valuable when we release a new Cura to be in direct connection with our users. But it is our resellers and distributors and in particular, the party who sold you your device, who carries the responsibility to provide you with the technical support you need and deserve. And they are also trained for this purpose. The above mentioned bug is indeed a rare artifact from the latest firmware update. A fix will be included in the build we're working on. I would too recommend to get in touch with your reseller for advice on how to proceed. Good luck!
  15. Hi @MarcM and @ben1272, thank you for your message. We were also not happy with the decision to abort the development of this aluminum build plate, and the test results that lead to this decision. While reading through your posts I also noticed what user gr5 mentioned, bed adhesion did not seem to be mentioned in your post as a problem. This is the only element an aluminum bed would have had an effect on. @MarcM, you shouldn't need to rely on those 300+ settings in Ultimaker Cura to get reliable prints. In Cura you should be able to select the material that you use and it should load all appropriate settings specifically for this material. These settings are usually always good, but never perfect. Because it is like a one size fits all approach. That's why the other settings are available, when you have gained some experience and insights, and possibly with the help of our community of 3D printing experts here, you could find the exact settings that work for you. If either of you need any help getting a certain material to stick to your build plate, please let me know. Some materials need an additional adhesive (like a glue stick, or adhesion sheets), and we can help you find the right adhesive for you. You may find that an additional glass plate with an adhesion sheet may work for you after all. If that may not be the case, and an additional glass plate is not really something useful for you, please let me know via DM and we can look into a reasonable and satisfying alternative.
  16. Hi everyone, Thank you for all the time and energy you invest in sharing your messages here, trying to share your perspective with others. I like to think that this all comes from the same place; because we care, because we believe in Ultimaker and because we feel frustrated with the existing situation. This can be read in between the lines of several of the recent messages. Let's not allow this care or frustration to turn our efforts where we try and help each other into a scenario where we are opposite of each other, head to head. From day one Ultimaker has been aware of the bugs introduced by this firmware and after carefully collecting feedback of the exact size and impacts of these bugs our firmware team has been working on a fix. I would be lying if I said it was not taking long, that is painfully true. But merely the metric of time does not imply nothing is being done. Quite the opposite, we do not permit ourselves anything less than a reliable and useful release of new firmware, which takes time to build and test. As I stated previously in one of my messages in this thread; if you have an Ultimaker S5, our sales partner in your local region should be able to roll back to the previous firmware version. The Ultimaker would need to be shipped, but shipping should be covered by warranty. To be sure, check with your reseller in your region. I would only recommend to do this if the issues you're dealing with leave you in an unworkable situation, otherwise, I would recommend to have a little bit more patience until the new firmware is released. For an Ultimaker 3, instructions are shared in an earlier message how you can roll back firmware yourself. You can read the instructions before executing this operation to determine if this looks like something you are capable of doing. If not, I would also not recommend going down this path. We know, the only real good solution would obviously be new firmware. This is being worked on. Now as a final note, this is a thread where we try to help each other with firmware issues. We help to see if any logged issues can be solved by a temporary workaround and by sharing updates about firmware developments. I urge everyone to stay on topic. Off topic posts will be moderated.
  17. For firmware? Maybe occasionally depending on a specific situation, but don't expect any periodic testing versions no.
  18. No it won't. As we have learned rolling back is not always easy, users may install it not knowing it is a testing version, or worst case scenario.. what if it would actually break something. We wouldn't want to risk that.
  19. Hi everyone, I'm also from Ultimaker, also not a firmware engineer but I've been busy trying to collect more information about this uncomfortable situation. If you have read through the past 9 or 10 pages you should know we're very much aware of the issues and are working on a fix. In a previous message I explained that the worst thing we could do now is release a fix for the existing firmware which contained other bugs or does not fix what it should. That is why we're thoroughly testing the new version and it takes longer than any of us wants. The outcome should be a version that we can all trust and reliably use. We're working hard to make that real. A previous version we built and tested did not pass our testing entirely so we choose not to release it. We're almost ready to test a newer build version which, if all goes well, we should be able to release rather sooner than later. But first, it needs to be tested as well. No one would benefit from any unnecessary delays and we also want everyone to get back to reliable and satisfactory 3D printing as soon as possible. So as Nallath says, 'We're working on it as best we can'. Hopefully, with a little bit of patience, we'll have a new version out soon. If there are any relevant updates, I'll share with you via this thread. Thank you for your time and patience so far, it is deeply appreciated. And our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.
  20. A 0.25 mm print core might also help but will increase print times though.
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    Wat voor 3D printer heb je, Jerry?
  22. Thanks for the update. I checked with our channel manager and I can confirm a significant batch has been picked up already by 3DGBIRE. I'll ask them to ensure their entire team is up to date to make sure you get the correct information as a customer. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  23. In theory this would be a good idea, but as I understand it doesn't work like that. The previous firmware does not fit anymore within the new 'structure' the new firmware introduced. You can override it though, but this is more complicated than pressing 'download and reboot'. For an Ultimaker 3, instructions on how to do it, and guidelines on why you should or should not do it can be found here. For an Ultimaker 5, unfortunately only authorized sales partners can do this. Instructions can be found in the same thread.
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