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  1. Hi, I realize this. I've forwarded your issue to one of our developers and asked for his input. Thank you for your time and patience.
  2. Hi, we're working on a solution. In the meantime, you can do an XY calibration by manually pushing your filament in before the calibration starts. We realize it is not ideal (and should not be necessary), but it's a successful workaround until the firmware is fixed. Some issues that have been reported here, were able to get fixed with a factory reset or cura connect reset. My proposal was to see if perhaps we can find a 'short term' solution for other issues as well. If other issues are reported of which we can include a fix in the new firmware version that would be a gain as well.
  3. We're sorry to hear this. It's based on the feedback we received from our sales partners, and the reports they've received from their customers. If nothing is being reported, it's true that issues may remain unnoticed. If you can elaborate on your issues perhaps we can provide some help until the new firmware is released.
  4. That does not seem right. Let me share this with our channel managers and sort it out.
  5. Hi Carla, your best bet would be our sales partner in your region has more information. Since you are from GB that would be 3DGBIRE. (A sales partner is our partner in a certain region that we work together with very closely. They sell our products, but also appoint all resellers and should ensure a good customer service regionally. So it may not not be necessarily your reseller, but it could be. I'll share our other sales partners here below as a reference: GB - 3DGBIRE DE, AT, CH - iGo3D Nordic + Baltics - 3DVerkstan FR - Makershop NL, BE, LU - Trideus
  6. You're welcome, we're happy to help where we can. I'm happy you managed to perform the XY calibration. The flow sensor did not trigger because it is in the feeder, not the print head. Even though it was not printing, that is because it was retracted too far. Not because it was not feeding any filament. So the flow sensor/ feeder was working correctly, it just received the wrong command that made it retract too much prior to the calibration. Hope this helps, and also gives you some more insight in how the flow sensor works 🙂 Not entirely relevant but perhaps interesting to know: The flow sensor is not activated during the first 2 layers of a print because of small height differences and changing pressure in the nozzle could easily result in false positives. It is activated from the third layer, where the flow became more consistent/predictable. At layer 3, when something is preventing a proper flow/feed of the filament, it will trigger then. This should still be fast enough to prevent any big problems and reduce the loss of time to a minimum.
  7. Hi everyone, thank you for all your messages and our apologies for any inconvenience the latest firmware may have caused for you. It is important to know that we take your troubles very serious and are working hard on making a new version that would be safe for everyone to use. When it is ready it will be tested, and then tested again, and then we'll make sure you will hear about it as soon as possible. There have also been a few suggestions to take this latest firmware down. While it is undeniable that it has caused some issues for some of our users, the full percent of users plagued by them is not that high as what may seem so in this thread. Higher than usual, sure. But there are (luckily) more users who remain issue-free. This may not mean much to you when you do have issues, but I wanted to elaborate on why it was not pulled offline yet. Unfortunately, releasing a newer, tested and stable version will take a little bit longer than originally shared (referring to an earlier communicated timeline of one week). There are a few things we can do in the meantime. If the issues you are having are creating an unworkable situation, it is probably wise to install an older firmware version. User @gr5 has shared instructions in this thread. While the instructions may not appear difficult for the experienced user, it can be a dangerous area to dive in if you've never done something like it before. You have to be ESD safe and there is risk of bricking your machine if you do it wrong. So if you are unsure, (or if you are sure you just do not want to do it yourself), we recommend getting in touch with your reseller. They definitely can install new firmware for you and return your Ultimaker to you. If you have an Ultimaker S5, unfortunately it is not possible to install new firmware yourself. Our sales partners can. Please get in touch with them if you prefer to have the previous firmware version installed. Since (almost) all Ultimaker S5s should still fall under warranty, there should be no additional costs. Some other tips that may have gone unnoticed: - I read that a Cura connect reset and factory reset may fix one or two bugs - If you are struggling with your XY calibration, make sure to manually push your filament in all the way before your print starts. The firmware retracts it too far which ruins your filament flow. - If I catch any more solutions, I will update this post accordingly. Again; our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you @CarloK for the help you have been providing here. We're working on a solution and you'll all be the first to know when it is available.
  8. That varies depending on the user and how they're using their Ultimaker. Depending on which materials or challenges someone has, it could be that we added some adhesion sheets to overcome a specific issue or if someone already purchased multiple glass plates we could consider reasonable alternatives like filaments and the likes of that. In general I believe this is something between Ultimaker and the users we spoke with. Our goal was to look for common ground that brought satisfaction for both parties involved. Given the situation we've tried to be as flexible and reasonable as possible with each individual case that contacted us.
  9. Hi Ben, Thank you for your message. You or your client should have received a request to register yourself upon unboxing your Ultimaker S5, so we would know where to send the aluminum beds to when they were ready, back when everyone was still under the impression that it was going to be released. This database was used to reach out to our users and inform them about the regretful, but understandable, decision to cancel the development of the aluminum build plate. As you may have read in our earlier communications, initial results from testing an aluminum bed seemed very promising and it seemed like they could add some 'ease of use' to our customers 3D print experience. This does not mean that without an aluminum frame, the same materials can not be printed. Instead, with a glass plate you may need an adhesion sheet or additional adhesive. Since an additional build plate was promised, we decided to send everyone a second glass plate, because even though it is made of a different material, it still provides higher uptime by being able to swap build plates after a print is finished. If you or your client is having any difficulties printing certain materials, of which you had hoped that an aluminum build plate would bring salvation, please let us know and we will figure out how you will be able to reliably use those materials with a glass plate. If you already own a second glass plate and therefore it would not bring you an increased uptime, please send me a DM and we can look for a reasonable alternative that would work for you and your client. Again our apologies for this outcome, we also would have preferred to release it. But as you mentioned, our quality standards prevented us from doing so. Thank you for your time.
  10. Hi, the information in the post is not reversed. It is possible that 'old' glass plates show smaller differences because we have optimized the manufacturing process some months ago which provided us with flatter glass plates but also bigger differences between the two sides. So it is possible that you have been using the other side and not run into any problems. If your adhesion has been fine, I would recommend to just stick to your existing workflow. For new glass plates, I would recommend to make sure you are using the correct side. Hope this helps!
  11. Hi thank you for your post. This week glass plates should be being shipped to our partners and they'll then ship them to you. So I would expect that you should receive it somewhere next week. Hope this helps!
  12. @starbuck and @axelaxel, could you refresh and try again? thank you for your time!
  13. No worries 🙂 Are you all good now? Can you log in where you need to?
  14. Hi @Sue3DDesigns, I am going to assume 'Sue3DDesgns' as you wrote in your message contains a type (no 'i'). I have deleted one of your accounts. Let me know if you want me to change the email address connected to this account too.
  15. Hi Daniel, sorry to hear you couldn't access your account anymore. Have you tried to reset your password? You can do so via this link: https://account.ultimaker.com/app/signin If you need a different solution please let me know and we can look for it together. Have a great day!
  16. Hi Calinb, my apologies you did not get a response sooner. I've just returned from a show in Germany early this week hence I still have some catching up to do from messages around that time. I'll respond to your DM and see how we can give you access to your account again. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  17. Could you give it a try with the following settings? We had some good results with these: Line width: 0.4 Wall thickness: 1.2 Top/Bottom thickness: 1.2 Speeds: 40 Jerks: 20 Horizontal expansion: -0.03 walls: 3
  18. Probably true, although I can also imagine you want all buildings to have the same aesthetical appearance so the material does not distract from the concept.
  19. Hi @Dan_Noviun , thank you for your post. @Stefania Dinea, perhaps you also have some good tips 🙂 1: Yes, you can. You can just upload multiple .STL in Ultimaker Cura and print them accordingly. 2: Would it be possible to add some form of marking in the bottom? Can you edit the models? What size would each building approximately be?
  20. SandervG


    Perhaps your posts needed to be approved by a moderator first. You could try again?
  21. No it wasn't, there was also an update to the software simultaneously. The topic name was a custom plugin which probably was overlooked. I will ask them reinstall. Thanks for mentioning!
  22. Hi, As you may have noticed, we made a small change to the login yesterday. Instead of having an account just in our community you now have an Ultimaker account. This means that with this account you can now log in to Cura to use your backups, visit the marketplace, participate in our community and it will be linked to even more features in the future. When you want to log in, click on 'Existing user? Sign in'. You're then asked to sign in with your Ultimaker account. Sign in with your existing email and password, if your browser has not remembered them and you're in! You can access your Ultimaker account page via this link: account.ultimaker.com On our community you will continue to have a different profile page, because it contains information specifically for this forum. A small group of users that already created an account in Cura for the backups, may have used a different email address than for our community. Please let us know if this is the case and we can merge these accounts so you will only need to remember one.
  23. If you haven't already, you should fill out this form
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