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    Exciting and welcome to the community! Enjoy the adventure of 3D printing.
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    Hola, I've moved your comment to the Spanish section since you wrote in Spanish. The general section contains only English content. Feel free to post you comment in English again, otherwise feel free to continue your conversation here in Spanish. Thank you, have a great day!
  3. Hi Ulrich, as far as I know the feeder tension should be at default tension with or without a MS. Which would be in the middle setting. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi @TrueNorth I see you mention ER65 and inspecting the print core, but there are other reasons why this error can occur. Have you read this article? If those tips didn't help, did you create a support ticket? Same goes for this article for ER58. Thank you for your detailed feedback @UlrichC-DE and your understanding towards the complexities when it comes to such a machine and its integration. Obviously we don't depend or request you to do any testing and you should be able to dedicate all of your time to 3D printing. But in some occasions it can help us id
  5. It has been mentioned twice now, mind your language. There won't be a third. Thank you for keeping the community user friendly!
  6. It is definitely a fair question, good for asking! If you need any support / insights on certain behaviour you are seeing feel free to create a new thread in the community and we can see what we can do 🙂
  7. Hello! My colleagues at Ultimaker are conducting a survey to learn more about which materials you use mostly and from which brands. The survey will take ~1 minute to complete, so while you're waiting for your Ultimaker to heat up you have plenty of time to fill it out and get another coffee! Link to survey Thank you for your time, it is much appreciated!
  8. Hi, We’re always busy trying to improve our products and create the best 3D printing experience around. To make sure our products meet your standards, we want to involve you in the development of new products. If you would fill out this form you give consent to be contacted by us in either of 2 scenarios: Validate product concepts. Addressing concepts at a very early development stage Beta-test new products. Addressing products later in the product development cycle. Usually closer to the release date By being part of this process, you can contr
  9. Hello! Are you happy with the value Ultimaker has been able to provide for you or your business? We put a lot of effort into our products and we love to hear back from our customers who are putting them to use. I'd love to share your inspiring or uplifting story with my colleagues, it is a great reward and motivation for our team. On top of that; if you approve we could also share your story with our followers on any of our other platforms! It doesn't matter if you are using 1 Ultimaker or 10, there is inspiration in everything. This could include: o
  10. Hello, there are no specific (preventative) maintenance tips recommended for the Material Station. For example, it has bowden tubes just like the Ultimaker S5, which need to be replaced once a year. But the bowden tubes for the Ultimaker S5 are being removed occasionally if you need to clean a print core and for the material station they are not. The deprime sequence should also ensure a clean tip of the filament, which besides the other benefits that it brings, also means it shouldn't scratch the inside of the bowden tube. The feeder wheel is of a slightly different design so it
  11. Hi everyone, we've received a lot of great input via this thread! Thanks. Adam initially asked for input for customer success stories but there a lot of ways that we can share stories and we wouldn't want any of your great energy go to waste. Therefor we've created this page. If you use Ultimaker in your company and you are happy? Let us know. Tell us your story! We would love to share it. Many people have told us that would wish to hear more stories from other customers. We have a few platforms which we can use to share your story: In our onl
  12. Hi Sumorse, thank you for your message. Which calibration are you trying to do?
  13. Hi @UlrichC-DE, thank you for your detailed reports. I understand you are already in touch with support so they are also receiving this feedback? I am not entirely sure if the first report was saying that the bowden tube was not inserted far enough, but I also read you didn't trust the couplers; have you ever checked if they are both in spec? You should press down on the collet to be able to pull out the bowden tube. You should then be able to get the collet out of its holder. It should have 4 little metal blades on the inside which are holding onto the bowden tube. If they are no
  14. Dat is goed om te horen! Ik begreep uit je eerste bericht dat je je printer al uit en aan had gezet. Werkte het een 2e of 3e keer wel?
  15. Hallo Robbert, Dat is vervelend om te horen. Het lijkt erop dat je het best even weer terug een oude firmware versie erop kan zetten en wanneer je wilt het nog eens proberen. Ik denk dat er iets mis is gegaan tijdens de installatie. Je kan met je reseller contact opnemen voor de juiste instructies om oude firmware erop te zetten, in het geval dat je Ultimaker niet meer aan gaat. Succes!
  16. Hi @Link, you probably want to place a comment in that thread you linked to, linking to this thread. So they're notified about you asking for input. Otherwise they probably won't be aware of this discussion.
  17. Happy to hear, apologies for the inconvenience. I'll leave the thread open though, in case anyone else has a similar issue and wants to get into the conversation. But feel free to use the link and create a ticket on our own initiative if you also have difficulties logging in. Have a great day!
  18. Hi @joris-hiber, what about it? It seems to be an ESD safe material too, but the scope of the post above was about which filaments we have in our marketplace that are ESD safe. The benefit of materials that are integrated in our marketplace is that they have a printing profile tailored to the Ultimaker S3, S5 and/or Pro Bundle. Not every filament is available for each printer, but often the manufacturers are working on this. Is BASF Ultrafuse PCTG Z ESD a material you used before and you would like to see added to the marketplace?
  19. Hi, no it isn't. It is related to a few people where the end of filament was detected, but a new spool of the same material was not activated. But it is possible that it had an affect on your issue. The issues you experienced were not 'standard' for other users. Since you already rolled back, perhaps when you have a window to make some test prints or when you have some more flexibility you could give it a try.
  20. Not so fast 😉 Just because I didn't specify an exact temperature does not mean we're all in the dark here running around. A guide on how to dissolve PVA can be found via this link. PVA on its own is harmless, you are allowed to flush it down the sink. Make sure to check if the material you used for the build can withstand the temperatures of a dishwasher before you try something like that. I don't think we recommend using a dishwasher. If you can break away larger chunks of PVA and the warm water can circulate the PVA should be able to dissolve in a few hours. If you would throw i
  21. Perhaps you mentioned it and I missed it, but what filament are you using? Is it a new spool? @nallath, could that explain that even the first layer / or the Cura generated helper; raft already looks grungy?
  22. Clean, warm water and water circulation help best. So it is recommended to replace the water after an hour or so to make sure it is clean again. PVA can saturate the water and it will loose its effectiveness. Regarding how warm, make sure to stay safely under the glass temperature to make sure the part you have printed doesn't deform. 30ºC should be a pretty safe temperature to use for PVA.
  23. Looks like we responded at the same time! The Material Station can handle reinforced material, but it does require a specific profile. You can visit the Marketplace and play with keywords to find a material that matches what you are looking for. If you had good experience with Colorfabb XT-CF20, perhaps Clariant PA CF20 is something to consider? It has an optimized profile for the material station. You can also find the technical data sheet and print guidelines via that link. Good luck!
  24. Hi @UlrichC-DE, as you can see via this link we have 14 reinforced material profiles supported by the Pro Bundle. All from reliable brands. I've heard good reviews on Novamid and NylonX. Hope this helps.
  25. Please don't type in all caps.
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