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  1. Hi @CTotten, can you share your Curaproject file so we can reprint your file in the office and see if we experience something similar using CPE?
  2. Hi, they're called sliderblocks and you should be able to get new ones (+ instructions) from your reseller to replace them. Perhaps @Dim3nsioneer can help?
  3. Hi, UHU is indeed recommend for ABS. Please visit this page for more information (also on other materials).
  4. Dag Eric, Welkom bij de Ultimaker community, en gefeliciteerd met je Ultimaker S5! Welke calibration bedoel je, voor manual leveling of voor X en Y calibratie? Voor manual leveling kun je een standaard A4 papier gebruiken eventueel. Voor XY calibratie kun je op deze pagina het ontwerp dowloaden. Die zou je dan nog wel even moeten printen zelf. Succes!
  5. I actually haven't seen these yet. What is the alien itself made of? And I second @Smithy 😉
  6. Recovering from an ER34? This is I believe only possible via a reboot. While I would happily continue to try and help you, I would also like to ask if you would want to create a ticket in our support system via this link, that way there are no blind spots in our data and monitoring the frequencies of certain error messages. ER34 is a good one to keep an eye on. Can you still unload it from the material station? While it may not be visible anymore, the feeder could/should still have a grip on it. It uses material specific temperatures. That is odd ind
  7. Looking at the marketplace profiles, both of these materials are not compatible with the Ultimaker 3. They do list the UltimakerS3 though. @threepoint, your profile says you have an Ultimaker 3. Is that correct?
  8. Hi @pizemakerstation, I am not sure which crack you are referring too but I will recommend to look into two features of Cura that would probably help. Apologies if I read your photos incorrectly. I would recommend to look into the Z-seam feature, and set it to random. The Z-seam forms when the print moves to the next layer and a small blob can form where the print head is while the bed moves down. Cura can hide this in a corner, but it can also scatter it randomly so it is less visual. For the 'scar' on the inside surface I would suggest to look into the comb feature, and set it t
  9. Hi @pizemakerstation, thank you for your message. Have you made any other changes to the profile? In particular to the speed/jerk/acceleration settings? Perhaps if you could share the curaproject file that could help. Thanks!
  10. Hi @CTotten Thanks again for your amazingly detailed post and research. I do believe that the break temp for PLA is 60 and CPE is 75 because it is suppose to 'break/snap'. It is being pulled back a little bit so a small tip forms, then it cools down, and then it pulls back quickly to generate the snapping sound you hear. Regardless, I will pass this feedback along to the material team to collect their thoughts on CPE specifically since you have had more issues with it and report back with you. They do test all profiles and materials in real life, we don't just deduct 15ºC from glass tempera
  11. Hi @bvsengineering, do you mean like mounting the material on the back of the Ultimaker S5? That is possible if you install the regular spoolholder. It would require you to disconnect the Material Station though, which might be a hassle. As a workaround, you could also select a generic material of a material that matches or is very similar to the material you are trying to use. Because this is not exactly the same, results may vary and I would recommend to monitor the start of the print and occasionally check in on your print the first time, to ensure all goes well.
  12. Hi, could you share your Cura project too, so we can look at your full set of settings? Thanks!
  13. Hi DD, thank you for your message. Does nothing respond anymore, or are you trying to hit 'submit' and it doesn't respond? What I have noticed it that when the submit button is exactly next to the chatbot, there is a small area reserved by the chatbot that is non-clickable for when the chat opens. If this is the case, perhaps you can try to scroll up a little bit until it is above the 'How can we help' and it should work. Could this be it? The Ultimaker forum is part of our ecosystem and since we introduced Ultimaker accounts they have been synced. Which means if you c
  14. That is 100% correct. Marlin is still used as a motion controller, and available upon request. This can be requested via a ticket to our support team. It is important to realize we'll need to prepare it for distribution first, so it may take more than a few days before we'll be able to send it to you. Griffin is a different part of the firmware that you can access via your printer, but not something that we release. This contains like the procedures that happen prior to a print and how it responds to ER messages.
  15. Hi, we absolutely don't think our users are stupid and they have access to plenty of useful features and configurable options. As Nallath also added to the discussion a few comments above, there are also other reasons active leveling is recommended. It does not only compensate a flat horizontal offset, it can also compensate for a curvature. If you prefer to roll back to a previous firmware version, let me know and I can share the links with you towards the file so you can install it via your USB. If you have any constructive feedback concerning our firmware, like bug
  16. We would love to hear about your experience and accomplishments using our products! And if you have another moment to spare, we would love to follow-up with some more related questions. Looking forward hearing from you!
  17. That is a nice quote, it doesn't really apply but I get what you are trying to say. For the most part, you can use the machine how you want. We have an open filament system, you are not bound to our slicer or preconfigured profiles and we've also been quite supportive to various modifications. But as I said earlier, we intend to offer best of both worlds between reliability and flexibility. Reliability is often taken for granted, until it is gone. What error message are you getting regarding the NFC? Your profile says you have an Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle, but if you have a Material
  18. Hi @sr1329, could you give a little bit more context about what you are asking / referring to?
  19. Happy to hear you got it sorted, sad to hear it took 3 hours. For future references, when you are struggling with a setting in Cura you can also post it in the Cura thread where other mights be able to help you sooner. Good luck!
  20. Hi, welcome to the community! Have you run through all calibration processes? Have you done a manual level first?
  21. Hello, it sounds quite obvious but just to be sure; have you tried to clean the lens? If so and it still looks foggy / out of focus, you may want to contact your reseller.
  22. Hi John, Which ABS are you using (brand) and what type of adhesive?
  23. Hi @MattOH, if you click that little 'hamburger' next to the search bar you can select 'Manage Setting Visibility'. In that window that will open you can select which features you want to have visible in your view. There are also some presets available that range from 'basic' to 'all'.
  24. I would still recommend to switch to 2.85mm. The entire extrusion train and flow calculations are dialed in for 2.85mm filament.
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