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  1. No one is saying that it is not possible to level it manually (if auto-level could be disabled). But people are (generally speaking) inherently lazy and often in a rush, so it is a matter of time before a manual level is skipped and a failed print + potential damage will be the result. Which is something we feel very passionate about to prevent. I disagree that it reflects a lack of trust from our end in our bed, we just rather ensure people having a good 3D printing experience. Not often, but sometimes this means taking a little bit of freedom away for the exchange of reliability
  2. Hello, it may not be exactly what you're looking for but I have some suggestions; Did you know about the support blocker to eliminate areas from support? You can also import other meshes and via Per Model Settings you can print it as support. We have a feature called Support distance X/Y and Support distance Z. You can find them via the search bar. Is this what you're looking for? We did chose to make some steps mandatory at the start of a print, like active leveling. We've already made it faster and we'll continue to see if
  3. Hello, if you are interested in trying the newest BETA version of Ultimaker Cura; we just launched Ultimaker Cura BETA 4.7. You can read more about the details in this post. Thank you, have a great day!
  4. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that today we've launched Ultimaker Cura BETA 4.7. You can read more about it in this post.
  5. Ultimaker Cura 4.7 BETA is available! The development was focused on the Ultimaker Digital Factory and general improvement to Ultimaker Cura and your user experience. So what do we have in store for you this time? Improved search. The wide range of settings you have at your convenience can be a blessing when you want to fully optimize and configure your print strategy. But sometimes it can also be overwhelming. “What was that one setting called again I used the other day? It had something to do with ...” In Cura 4.7 BETA you can search for what a feature does, inst
  6. Hi, please ignore the image I've shared. This image belongs to an Ultimaker 3. Please use the values @Smithy and @UlrichC-DE kindly shared. That was a mistake on my end (confusing the 2 Z stages). So try to get closer to 28.67mm.
  7. Before we jump into conclusions, what is it that you meant by this statement? We do expect everyone who interacts on our forums to abide by our code of conduct. This includes being considerate and respectful to each other. Starting off with pasting a direct conversation with someone else is not a great start. By the looks of it Erin provided you with excellent support, and the willingness of staff to also monitor other groups and help users should be celebrated, not warned for. That is correct. Being able to run dual extrusion reliably goes far beyo
  8. Hello! The thread didn't get many replies but luckily the podcast did get many listeners! And with the 10th episode live, season 1 ends. But no worries, we'll be back on September 15th with brand new episodes and a brand new season. You can find all episodes of season 1 via the links above, they’re also available on TalkingAdditive.com and major podcast directories, such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher and TuneIn. As always, let us know if you have any feedback! We love to hear back from our users and followers.
  9. As with a lot of people, I have also been working from home for last few months and unfortunately I don't have an Ultimaker S5 at my place so I can't check. Is there not some free space near the rear? My apologies if I mixed up the Z stage design with the one of the UM3 in my mind. Otherwise I'll ask one of my colleagues who visits the office to give an approximate measurement of top and bottom of the construction. It sounds like you did. And using the correct adhesive is also crucial. There shouldn't be any over extrusion on the first
  10. It is not flawed, despite your personal experience. Countless of users are happy with it and it works as it should. Otherwise it would be the only thing people talk about online, outside of the couple of reports and issues some people having with it. Because it does have some dependencies, like a clean print core and the correct tension on your build plate springs (14mm). For good adhesion the first layer needs to be squished onto the build plate. An unfortunate side affect is indeed elephant feet. This can be battled by adding a negative value in initial layer horizontal expansio
  11. I suppose the key lies in nuance. They should touch, and the bed should slightly push the nozzle up to perform the measurement. It is possible that it pushed the bed down all so slightly at the end of its measurement. But it is not supposed to push it down, which is what I understood from your initial message. I believe the space between the Z stage and the heated bed is suppose to be 14mm ideally. Perhaps you could check this too @neute? We do not allow active leveling to be disabled on the Ultimaker S5 because the bed is significantly larger than an Ulti
  12. In our latest podcast we talk with Asli Oney, Digital Fabrication Manager at KPF who work with a fleet of Ultimaker 3D printers daily. Curious to hear how it helps them do their work, what they expect of the future or how they incorporate it in their project? All those details and more are being discussed in the new one hour long episode of Talking Additive. Are you an Architect yourself or active in the industry? We would love to hear what you thought of this episode. We're always looking for feedback. Thank you and have a great day!
  13. Hi @AndersK, we switched to a different tool for our support tickets a couple of weeks ago and it really allows us to work closer with our partners and help our users better. You may have seen it before, but you can also access it via Browse > Official support or Ultimaker.com > Support > Submit a request. There is also a whole knowledge base attached. If you are looking for answers that could be a good place to start. You can also rate whether you found the articles useful or not and based on the feedback we can try to improve them. Frequently reoccurring top
  14. I don't think so, did you adjust the bed screws? Perhaps they are too high. But it is no mechanical error, just a misconfiguration and should be relatively easy to correct.
  15. Hello, hopefully you don't mind replying in English, I'll post a translation below; You can try to heat up the print cores again and try to pull away chunks when the heat reaches far enough. You can also use a heat gun or something like it to start heating it up from the outside. I could also recommend getting in touch with your reseller for instructions and, if not everything can be salvaged, replacement parts. Good luck! --- Sie können versuchen, die Druckkerne erneut aufzuheizen und Brocken wegzuziehen, wenn die Hitze weit genug reicht. Sie können auch e
  16. Hi @tabiznet, thank you for your message. I'm sorry to hear you seem the Ultimaker is not worth the money. It is possible with any type of equipment that you run into some kind of issue that you need some help with, and that is why we have this entire community of 3D printing experts and our official and trained support channels ready for you. If you have any issues we would be happy to help! Please create a support ticket here, or create a new thread in the forum so we can try and help. If you have any questions about print quality, please include pictures too. Thank you!
  17. We are already in 5.7 (5.7.3 to be exact). You can find the firmware via this link and click Update firmware.
  18. Hi Kiran, Thank you for your message and taking your time to share your feedback with us. It's much appreciated! It sounds like you are using the marketplace right? Have you also looked at the filter on our materials page? That has quite an intuitive filter and perhaps easier to go through. I do believe that the marketplace contains all available profiles, and on ultimaker.com it is a sub-selection of most distinctive filaments. I believe the filter/search on the marketplace is also still being worked on. Balancing the results of a keyword against a machine comp
  19. I have received some questions about this form and it might be good to clarify that nothing will be published or shared without your approval. We understand that when you use 3D printing professionally, company policies may apply to you where you can not be making statements on behalf of a company. That shouldn't be a problem. We can leave the company name out and share your story or quote on behalf of you, the user. Obviously, if you are just a happy customer without a story to share, please drop a message below and let us know why 🙂
  20. I thought for a second I was looking at the Eventuri business case again! Did you needed to repair or did you boost its performance?
  21. Hi, That is correct. It is also the case for other UM materials. Due to a technical error these pages can't be fixed right now but the profiles are optimized for the Material Station. So you can use them if you wanted to. It is still some time ahead, but around September that it is scheduled to be updated correctly. It can't be done manually via a CMS or something.
  22. I am very happy to hear so Roland! 👍
  23. Hi @Jendrik, welcome to the community. With every product that you buy it's possible that you'll need some assistance from the support department or peers. Hence it makes sense that most users come here because they are in need of some assistance, and luckily we also have a lot of expert users who are capable and willing to help. So rather of taking the report of an issue as a bad sign, I would look at all the people who are willing to help and the different channels you have as a user to get that help you need. All readily availably. You are free to ask our community of exp
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    Exciting and welcome to the community! Enjoy the adventure of 3D printing.
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    Hola, I've moved your comment to the Spanish section since you wrote in Spanish. The general section contains only English content. Feel free to post you comment in English again, otherwise feel free to continue your conversation here in Spanish. Thank you, have a great day!
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