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  1. Hi,


    Design approach and branding don't mean a thing without content and accessibility. If a user is solely relying on those platforms for their 3D printable content they may have to ask themselves if they're using the potential of 3D printing to its fullest. I don't think these platforms eventually make people loose sight of the purpose of 3D printing. The viability of these generic platforms perhaps, yes.


    Regarding streaming, I didn't mean the ability to create a stable connection but transferring ownership of a file. Ensuring a copy never ends up with the consumer may be quite difficult, and alternatively not ensuring this undermines the commercial basis of such a platform because endless copies can be created and distributed digitally.

    I don't know if it is possible to encrypt files in a way to ensure security but allow the printer to read the file, I am not a software engineer. Perhaps it is possible.


    5 hours ago, Ubikk said:

    then is Ultimaker is interesting to develop such possibilities ?


    In all honesty I don't think we are. 


    5 hours ago, Ubikk said:

    or is a third party can develop such close marketplace..


    If you or another third party sees this as a viable model, by all means you should go for it! 


    5 hours ago, Ubikk said:

    ..with obviously business agreement with both parties ?


    I don't think this matches our current goals and objectives, sorry! 





  2. Hi, which print core are you using for this print? And besides some changes you might have made to a profile, is this in foundation the fast or another profile? I would probably suggest to try a slower profile if you've picked the fast one.


    So besides changing temperature, I would look at slowing down your speed a little bit. What are your jerk settings?

    In which order are your walls printed? 



  3. 31 minutes ago, Roli4711 said:

    Hi @SandervG


    No, it was created directly through CURA without any additional setting. After I've unloaded the material completly and load it again and REprint it through the Digital Factory it works and all was showing.




    Just to clarify, you can still create gcodes via Cura without any additional settings. You just select gcode instead of UFP upon saving or exporting your sliced file. Strange that it didn't recognise the filaments at first for what they are, but I'm happy to hear that all information was showing after reloading the filament!

  4. On 10/3/2020 at 4:25 PM, Roli4711 said:

    What does that mean if I have installed 5.8.1, the display at the material station says that I have Generic PLA in 1 and Ultimaker Breakaway in slot 2 and then such a message is displayed?


    By the way: the print from a 4 day old print core with the original Ultimaker BreakAway is no longer cleaned. Every 2nd time spaghetti, it no longer adheres properly or it just indicates that it is "unknown" material.






    Hi @Roli4711


    Based on the image on the right I have the impression you are printing a gcode and not a UFP. The difference being that a UFP contains a lot more extra information like a preview of the STL and some more details about the materials incorporated in the slicing. A UFP knows that a file is sliced for PLA for example. A gcode contains the tailored parameters for PLA, like temperature and flow, but it doesn't really contain the specific ID that it is for PLA. 


    I suspect that is why you see that it is printing an unknown material, and why there is no preview. If you are trying to print a UFP, it may be corrupted or something else went wrong. Hope this helps! 

  5. On 10/2/2020 at 4:14 PM, fsaraji said:

    BDW: My machine is not working any more.

    Every time I try to change the print core (hoping for Material being also ejected) it goes into waiting mode and remains there forever.

    I think I have to go back to 5.7.x


    Hi, thank you for your message. My colleague should respond to the ticket you have created in our support system shortly! 

  6. Hi @fsaraji , thank you for your response. Our apologies if any false assumptions were made. We're all just trying to work towards a solution here and help each other. 


    In order to prevent any more false assumptions I would like to ask a few things;


    1 hour ago, fsaraji said:

    My machine was in Idle mode for the last 3 days (not usable due to filament change issue).

    I first upgraded the firmware and as the was not fixed, I rebooted the machine.

    Generally speaking, when your machine is idle there is no harm in rebooting your machine. I am wondering, when you upgraded the firmware, what did you conclude was not fixed before doing another print? If you only tried to unload material that was still in the printhead, which material was it and what was its position? 


    1 hour ago, fsaraji said:

    The machine started to print without moving the PVA forward first, so the print failed with no PVA extruding at the beginning (PVA was in the park position as it started to print and it didn't consider the position).

    That doesn't sound like it is operating as it should. It should have compensated for the parked position. 


    1 hour ago, fsaraji said:

    mode for more than 30 min

    That also doesn't sound like a normal time period for a print to abort. Was there any additional info on the screen? Perhaps there is something else we're overlooking that influences your experience. 


    I would like to ask you to send a ticket via this link and we can look into your specific case together in close contact with you. 


    Obviously we don't intent for you to test our products and they should contribute to an efficient and valuable workflow. Luckily the first responses we're getting from 5.8.1. are pretty good, so that is another reason to look with you in person to determine what is different in your particular case.

    Thank you for your time and patience,

  7. Hi, 


    Could you share a picture of your prints so our experts can also have a look at it?

    If one of the fans is not working I believe this should most likely be due to a pinched cable, can you see any damage? Otherwise, I would imagine you should be able to feel the difference between both fans with your hand. 

  8. Hi @Xpect, thank you for your message. 

    Have you tried not aborting the print manually and see what happens? 


    If I understand your description correctly it sounds like it is priming the print head, which can indeed take a couple of minutes and your print should start by itself with just a little bit more patience. The few strings of filament you should be able to easily clean up from the bottom of your build chamber at the end of your print. 

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  9. Hello, since you have a reply here I have removed your other post. Please don't post the same message in different locations. 


    To answer your question, 3D printing has existed for a very long time already, owned by Stratasys and 3D systems with high end machines for B2B. When their patents expired a huge stream of open source 3D printers rose (as us) and in the first couple of years this new trend was really focussed on B2C. Some printers still are (look at Creality, Prusa, etc). When we grew and matured we recognized a better fit with our brand and what we had to offer in the B2B market, which we evolved into. What I am saying is; there was and still is 3D printing for B2C.


    What you describe has quite a few challenges like ensuring quality, streaming (without storing the file anywhere) and possibly encryption. It is a lot of extra work where platforms like youmagine and thingiverse offer countless of files for free. The downside is that the file is not prepped for your machine, but since you will be making parts that you will actually use (assuming it is not only trinkets) applications may vary widely and it is important you know how your machine works, what material properties are and how to ensure your part is suited for the task. The upside is that all of that is not a concern of the seller and the bar to share and distribute files is lower, creating a wider offer which attracts a larger audience. 


    So a marketplace to sell gcodes I don't really expect. STLs, yes. There are already various platforms that do this. 

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  10. On 9/26/2020 at 2:49 AM, JohnInOttawa said:

    It was a good learning experience, once I found the thread.  Had a moment of looking for a micro SD card, but then, pretty much worked as advertised.  I may go ahead and look for the patch cable that the other thread mentions, just in case I am not so luck next time.


    Perhaps you can add a link to the post you found that helped you, in case someone stumbles upon this thread with a similar issue 🙂 Thanks!

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  11. Hi, thank you for your response. PVA is quite a sensitive material that requires a lot of attention, but I can imagine that is partially what you bought the Material Station for. Using the material station is already a huge step forward compared to not using one with regards to handling PVA, the latest firmware should give reliability another boost. If we see more room for improvement we'll release this as well for you to enjoy. 


    But the fact that the bowden tube got disconnected from the merger has nothing to do with PVA on its self. I am not sure what caused it, but hopefully with the instructions you can restore it and put this behaviour behind you. 


    The bowden tube should be pretty far into the merger, and it shouldn't be able to just get pushed out.

  12. Hi, thank you for your message. It looks like your bowden tube got disconnected from the merger. You should be able to unscrew the bottom of the material station and connect it back. I understand you shouldn't require any special tools for this. Let us know if you have any further questions.


    Edit; I'll sent you a manual with some instructions to help you through the process! 

  13. Hello!


    We just launched the first episode of season two! We're looking back at a very inspiring first season and we hope you've enjoyed listening to it as much as we've had creating it. For this season we want to take it a little bit further. We've been privileged and honoured to take part in so many inspiring discussions, but why should it only be us?

    We would like to invite you to listen to episode 11, Creating tools, jigs, and fixtures on the road to end-use parts, where we talk with Matt Torosian from Jabil. If you have any questions you want to ask Matt Torosian following this episode send them to us via #TalkingAdditive on Twitter.


    Next week Tuesday, 22nd of September, 11-12am ET and 5-6pm CET, Matt will respond to your questions! Don't miss out, join the conversation!

  14. Thank you, by heart I think those settings you have listed are pretty much the same that are in the engineering profile. Without taking any specific details about your model into account, default engineering profile should provide you with the best dimensional accuracy. Now if your model has any distinct features you want to take some additional settings into account. 


    What is the difficulties with screwing? Do you have difficulties of driving the screw in? I imagine you want to have some friction to ensure a tight fit, but if it is too much you could look into the 'Hole horizontal expansion' feature. Similar as horizontal layer expansion, you can apply a factor to each hole in your model. 

  15. Hi,


    we don't often promote third party webinars unless we think they could contain real value for you as a user. Do you often use flexible TPU or are you interested in flexible materials? Lubrizol is hosting a webinar about 3 of their flexible materials which can also be found in our marketplace


    During the webinar they will explain: 

    • The difference in hardnesses in Shore (94A, 98A, 70D) and what other differentiating properties these materials have
    • How to successfully merge flexible and rigid materials into one print
    • What the benefit is of F70D over other hard materials  like ABS/PETG…
    • heat performance properties of F94A


    Do you want to learn more about flexible materials? It looks like this would be a good place to start! 


    Join the webinar on Wednesday, September 30th via this link.

    • 10:00 – 11 am (CEST)


    • Stefan Weyrich, Ultimaker Business Development Manager Europe
    • David Pascual, Global 3DP Marketing Manager, Lubrizol Engineered Materials


    Get inspired through existing customer use cases and there is an opportunity to engage with their experts through a live Q&A.

  16. 2 hours ago, covers911 said:

    Hi dorlik,


    Thanks very much for checking the model. Appreciate it. Can you confirm that you printed it with TPU? If so, can I have your settings?


    Are you saying that you usually put a couple of Ultimaker reels on the S5's spool holder, and then print from a reel on a separate spool holder? If so, that's interesting. I was printing from a separate spool holder too, but with only one Ultimaker reel on the S5's spool holder.


    I think he is saying to load two spools on the spoolholder, even if you only use one. 

  17. Hi, we're sorry to hear that you are struggling to reach the level of accuracy with your Ultimaker that you are looking for. Perhaps it would help if you could share some specific elements that you need help with, instead of 'it is not good and not accurate'. 


    We have an engineering profile that should give you pretty good results, and plenty of features in Cura that allow you to print outer walls before inner walls, or the other way around. There is horizontal expansion you can use, and speed settings you can optimise for optimal results. 


    Plenty to configure and I'm sure with the right settings you can reach the accuracy you are looking for. 

  18. 23 minutes ago, covers911 said:

    This isn't solved.


    Whatever else the cause, it also seems to be dependent on the particular model I'm printing. I.e.:


    I try both extruders. They both fail.


    I print a different model, once with each extruder. They both succeed.


    I switch back to the original model. Both extruders fail.


    I switch back to the other model. Both extruders succeed.


    Etc, etc.


    Could someone help me out by trying to print the attached model? It's tiny..




    -- Anthony

    umma95_vista_mount_TOP.stl 731.63 kB · 0 downloads


    Hi Anthony, which filaments do you have loaded on your Ultimaker, and which print cores are installed? Can you tell us what message you received when you say 'both extruders fail'? Could it be that there was a configuration error?

  19. On September 23rd you can participate in an Ultimaker masterclass to optimize your workflow with Ultimaker Cura. We'll teach you how to level-up your slicing skills and get draw more power out of Ultimaker Cura. 


    During the masterclass 3D printing expert, Matt Griffin, will be joined by Ultimaker Cura developer, Kostas Karma, and Ultimaker application engineer, Terri-Ann dela Cruz, as they share expert insights and walkthrough their workflows.


    What will you learn?

    Among others:

    · The right way to use per-object settings and when they are most useful

    · Best practices for iterative print preparation and every lesson you should learn from each print

    · Easy-to-use resources for anyone who wants to develop their own printer definitions, plugins, or print profiles

    · How to optimize print profile settings and whether to “keep” or “discard” changes

    · When is the right time to export your drawing from CAD? (Based on Ultimaker Cura’s surprising power as 3D control software)

    · And a whole lot more tips and tricks!


    How can I join?

    This free masterclass will take place twice:

    1. 11am CEST (5pm SGT, 5am EDT)

    2. 5pm CEST (11am EDT, 8am PDT, 11pm SGT)

    Save your seat for either broadcast on September 23 by filling in the form.

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