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  1. Hopefully this week I'll get some more insight in the new list of priorities and plans. @UltiArjan, what if you edit your post. Can you add more photo's then?
  2. Even though Carbon3D also does SLA, I am not really sure if they are in the same field as Formlabs. Aren't they insanely expensive, like you can only rent one or something? Anyway, at Ultimaker we share a philosophy that 3D printing can offer a lot to businesses, makers and society in general. But that can only be utilized if this new technology is made accessible. The Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 are good examples of this. We feel FDM is much closer to this philosophy than SLA. You don't need gloves to handle your prints, you don't need a technical degree to operate it and you can experi
  3. hahaha YES! Exactly our target group! Marketing done right!!
  4. When the source files are released you can look up these individual parts and source them yourself if you still want to upgrade your Ultimaker 2(+).
  5. Hi @Dana, @rsghowellnj and @ernestobreton, thank you for your posts. I think the overall response you have received is pretty accurate, in no way will your purchase of an Ultimaker 2+ will become obsolete or outdated. Both machines will continue to operate next to each other, both offering a different set of features for a different type of users. And both will continue to receive support from Ultimaker. So does the Ultimaker Original+ for that matter. But maybe, you do need dual extrusion or want to take advantage of the connectivity the Ultimaker 3 offers. In that case we could look
  6. You are totally right! There is a contest coming up pretty soon, I'll let you know when it is live. I wanted to create a more long-term concept for the contests, but I kinda got overwhelmed with the Ultimaker 3 launch. When the dust has settled down a bit I will collect my different thoughts and share them. In the meantime, if you have any thoughts, this topic is still open
  7. yea I agree it is a bit disappointing. It is something that has been going back and forth in (almost) being solved but it has been very difficult to fix. I have never stopped trying to get it fixed, but as you probably understand the Ultimaker 3 introduction on the web received quite some priority lately.
  8. There is a fair chance there will be something like a maintenance pack. Although the contents are not yet specified. However, I highly doubt these could be used as a starting-point to start hacking. You would really need to replace a lot of crucial parts so a hack is really ambitious (not something I would recommend). It would probably consist of some print cores and other parts, which are useless without the head itself.
  9. BTW: I think we are on the wrong thread... - Yes, please stay on topic and if you want to discuss @Foehnsturm's (pretty amazing) approach to dual extrusion, please go here.
  10. If you contact your reseller you should be able to request just the single feeder. ( I am not convinced buying it in separate parts is the only way to go. I think ready and assembled should also be an option.)
  11. Not sure about specifically having print cores for higher temps, that would also rely on which materials become available etc. But the concept is build upon being modular and having the option to have different print cores for different materials. (when they need a specific design. For example, the current AA / build print core is suited for a range of materials like ABS, PLA, Nylon and CPE).
  12. Hi @Wisar, Coming from a source which does know more - If you want the latest updates in regard of your order the best place to get this from would be your reseller. They have your Ultimaker 3 on stock and they will ship it to you. Before we/they send Dorothy into the wild, we want to make sure she is all ready and prepared to take on the world. And that the entire network is ready to answer any questions following her arrival. This takes a few days, so estimation is that we start shipping beginning of November. So two to six weeks sounds very reasonable. I'm looking forward to see what y
  13. Hi guys, wow, that was quite a read. I just landed and made it back home and I am now busy going through all the posts on the forums. Happy to read most of you are excited to see and try out the new Ultimaker 3. I have been able to use it a couple of times already, and it is just a pleasure to see it work. I'm sorry to hear there are also a few users who had different expectations from the announcement. Hopefully by sharing all of our experiences we can all eventually reach a mutual understanding why we are all here at this point today. It seems there is also quite a lengthy conversation g
  14. Hi Everyone, thanks for the feedback! I have shared the feedback about the font, lets see what comes out. @Daid, good to see you found some time to get back on the forums. Always so much fun The thing about the font has supposedly something to do with windows too. Are you all running windows who see it any less than perfect? It is pretty high on our list to get that fixed, along with some other things. There were also some things addressed during the launch on the 18th, I have requested a list of what was implemented so you know what we have been doing
  15. Hi @Tennet, thank you for your post and welcome to the forums I am happy to hear you are a satisfied user of your Ultimaker 2+ but I can see how the recent launch of the new Ultimaker 3 can leave a bitter taste. We will continue to support the Ultimaker 2+, so you shouldn't worry about it being replaced by the Ultimaker 3. The machines will live and perform next to each other. An important question to ask yourself, what do you need an Ultimaker for. Does the Ultimaker 2+ give you this? I can understand that you would have preferred to choose your Ultimaker model by knowing the entire pictur
  16. We would. Everyone in the R&D department takes great care to assign attribution where it's due. Not just R&D, that goes for all of Ultimaker
  17. Wow, really impressive model you made! I can't imagine this being the first puppet / model you have made? Have you 3D Printed others?
  18. Thanks @Bez! Good read, sorry to hear your tire resulted in such a drawback! You printed it in PLA right? Did you also consider printing it in TPU? Or Nylon? We now support a couple of materials which can withstand more wear and tear than PLA, perhaps something you could consider some day. And even bending a 8mm axle, wow. Do you know how fast it was going at the time?
  19. Thank you for the detailed explanation! Not being easily pleased I guess is what got you to this level in surface quality. But being realistic should also show you that that print looks pretty awesome If you ever want to change to 1.75mm I believe GR5 sells a kit to do so. But if you didn't feel great about installing an olsson block for another 0.4mm nozzle, maybe going to 1.75mm is quite a big step? It is far less rigid than 2.85mm filament and with the bowden tube it is a whole new adjusting what is needed.
  20. Hi @Mechaneil, wow some very impressive prints coming from your side! Did you model of them yourself? What are you using them for? Curious to see what they will look like after post processing. I am guessing you are also going to paint them? Great work, please keep them coming!!
  21. double post is also noted! Redirecting of notification has been bugging us for a while, very difficult to solve. But this week we discovered a new trace, hopefully it will bring us closer to a fix!
  22. The newest or 'latest greatest' is always appealing, but your reasons to buy the Ultimaker 2+ still stand it you have selected a very reliable 3D printer with a big userbase and superb track record. What have you been printing so far? @LePaul, have you upgraded to an Ultimaker 2+ by now?
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