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  1. Per heden te koop Ultimaker Original gebouwd door Ultimaker zelf, later voorzien van Dual extruder. ColorFab XT wit nieuwe rol 2.2kg ColorFab Bronzefill 1.5 kg bijna nieuw Doodle 3d wifi box zie mijn advertenties op marktplaats
  2. It would be nice to have buttons and/or shortcuts for: clearing platform reloading stls on platform I often find myself clearing the bed and reloading the same (modified) stls, and currently there is no quick way to do this.
  3. noise dampening feet... http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:25950
  4. Thanks, just saw your reply on google groups. I will unsolder and give it a test! cheers, Gijs
  5. I just experienced a crash. The printer halted and the power was completely down. I had to unplug the power adapter to get it back to life. After little investigation, it seems that I have caused a short at the fan on top. I was testing different fan combinations yesterday and had not noticed there was a little strand of the wires in the open after reconnecting the molex connector. Due to the movement of the printer I guess it has caused an unlucky short circuit. But now, when I plug in the 19V power, the top fan starts blowing, and does not react anymore to M106 or M107 command. In other words: have I damaged the PWM connection of this fan? For the rest the printer seems to be working well. How can this be repaired? cheers, Gijs
  6. Willem, do you need 400 different parts, or 400 of the same parts? there are other manufacturing methods you can think of, for example vacuum forming, then cutting the holes by cnc. Or vacuum casting in polyurethane if it's 400 of the same. What's your target price for the housing? cheers, Gijs
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