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  1. Hi guys, I'm trying to sort out an issue with the ulimaker. We mostly print extrusions as prototypes for aluminium extrusions. Most have a 1.5mm wall, the ulimaker builds them nicely but fails to fill in the wall. Can someone help with filling in these gaps. is there a setting we should look at? Extrusion detail To make sure it wasnt the way we were exporting the model i used the example hexagon to also show the issue. See how it doesnt fill in around the inner circle. Creates gaps. Thanks Mike
  2. Hi, I've downloaded and followed all the steps involved. I can get the new version of SkeinPyPy to load and open an STL file but when I try to slice into Gcode I get an error. !?! something went wrong during the slicing Any ideas? I'd really like to get this up and running, i like the interface. Thanks Mike
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