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  1. Thank you all! Your insights are very helpful!
  2. thanks for your input @Micha Concerning example #3: The diameter of the small circles is around 3.8 mm(radius=1.9mm). Do you think Ultimaker will manage to print them fine? Is there any point in trying to print it in the Z direction(maybe with supports) or printing with the XY precision should be enough? Also...I saw that Stringing is a problem with most of the 3d prints. Is this something that can be fixed with the Marlin firmware and Netfabb or it's something that one should deal with when using Ultimaker? Should I expect stringing if I print example #3 with maximum detail and maximum print time? Thanks for your answers - they are pretty helpful since I'm a novice around here...
  3. Hi there, I'm new to Ultimaker. I'm thinking about buying one but I'm not sure if it will fit my needs. I am wondering can Ultimaker print the following designs: 1. 2 3. I read that Ultimaker is limited to 0.4 mm in XY plane. Can I have the same amount of quality?: Can I print these using plastic extrusion and Ultimaker or it is not possible at the moment? Kind Regards
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