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  1. My readout is only 7 degrees of. Installed the 4k7 on the board for sensor 3
  2. Hi there, Earlier this year i bought myself the ultimaker. Played with it, liked it, but wasnt happy with the ABS results. Soafter i moved, i installed everything again and made myself a new aluminium bed. Put a heatplate on it and voila. A heated bed. Tested it with a power supply and its working sweet. But now i wanted to hook it up to the ultimaker. So i installed a relay, hooked up the power supply and the heated bed, installed a Thermister, hooked everything up to the ultimaker board(heater3 and Temp 3). But it was reading 0 celcius.. So i figured out that this was an firmware issue. So thanx to the magic Marlin build tool, i compiled myself a new firmware where my sensor was configured. I could now red the temperature. Although its about 10 degrees of, it is measuring the temp. But when i input my wanted temp for my bed, nothing happens. I see no light on heater 3 output, nor is my relay being enabled. I installed it in the heater 1, and the relay setup works fine. I looked at the marlin tool again and couldnt see anything there that i figure needed to be enabled to get the heater 3 going. So now i'm kinda stuck. Anybody got an idea?
  3. As my GF is sick right now, i've got myself a little home time that i spend on the UM and some printing. I've donwloaded a 3d puzzle and generated the code using RepG26 with SF35. , i used PLA and hit print. i did however put in some adjustments on the bel leveling. i've noticed that the printhead was also a bit loose. I think that the screws of the head got loose due movement. This gave me a loose printhead(just a bit) and want that good while trying to print quality.. Either way i printed the first 2 pieces using Repg and SF35. It came out descent.. Not great, but good enough to work. Then i used netfabb to calculate the 3rd piece. Although the quality looked better, it was not... The piece was build using the same "strains/grains" giving it the structrual integrity of peanutbutter. Tried it with repg and SF35, and a working piece came out. Somehow Netfabb isnt working for me so far... But i've tried to get Skeinpypy going again. Downloaded the Alpha 4, cooled the machine down, got through the test without any problems and was able to calibrate the extruded mechanism. Took me 4 tries to get it right. Then idownloaded the B2 bomberdesign, loaded it up, and printed it right away using pla. Its printing now, and it looks better then anything that came out of the Um yet. It still will need finetuning, but at least i'm seeing some quality now that others are bragging about. So looks like i'm going to work with Skeinpypy and printrun for now and try to get a better quality out it. At least until Netfabb is coming out with the 4.9 that gives printing ability.. And try it then. Cause 180 euros for something that isnt working for me just now, is a damn shame. But i will be going to make a new bed for it out of aluminium with a heater on it.. Cause from what i've seen, ABS is way more rigid then PLA that i have right here. So for the usefull parts i definitly want the ABS to work like a charm on this machine
  4. I can print with replicatorG, and ive been able to make some succesfull prints with it using skeinforge 35 as a generator. So the machine is working. And the prints are not good, but descent. But everything i put out with netfabb isnt quite the quality skeinforge is giving me right now.. Its just way faster with calculating.
  5. the extruder was warmed up. But i'm having allot of trouble to get past the wizard 19 out of 20 times it tels me that my heater of probe arent working. After that it says it cant set the tempereture. When i try to calibrate the feeding mechanism, i hear the engine turn on, but no feed. Got my pla today.. My first print looks better then my previous designs with abs... But netfabb Fabricated Gcode is still a but dodgy.. Will try some things to get pypy runing
  6. Hi there, I just got my UM last week, and after 3 days(i still had to work and stuff, so only could do it in the time that i was supposed to be sleeping) of 4 hours sleep, i put it together. I've gotten around of trying to print, but that was all pretty much Garbage.. Then i found out that my feed mechanism was causing problems, so i fixed that and i must say, that improved allot. I've upgraded to Marlin, but have been using ReplicatorG 26 for printing. I havent been able to run Skeinpypy, as its not extruding anything. Nor have i used printrun. I made a simple 3d desging which i was trying to print. After waiting a few hours for the gcode, i've aborted the proces. Netfabb told me it would be 365 layers, and made the calculations in minutes, while ReplicatorG was only at layer 14 after 4 hours. So i decided to buy netfabb, and gotten the code to license it. So far so good. Right now i have allot of software on it, replicatorG 24,26,33, netfabb, printrun, skeinpypy. But I want to use netfabb. I know its not suitable for printing yet , so i want to use it for generating my Gcode, and print it with replicator, or printrun, or any another program. That way i will be learning 1 thing, and arent comparing prints from different programs, and adjusting it the wrong way. So i've printed out the Hexagon last night using replicatorG for both printing, and calculating. It came out descent. Actually was one of the best prints yet. But due the lack of pla, i'm using ABS. A good base to start from. So i calculated the Gcode with netfabb, and it spit out garbage. But the speed was 2 or 3 times what i had with replicator. So i turned that back to the speed of replicator to match the results, but its stil not putting out anything usefull. I have allot of trouble with the first layer. It wont stick very wel. And it it does, i have allot of problems with Warping aroudn the edges. I've ordered PLA, but for now i'm stuck with ABS. Are there any profiles for netfabb that gives a good baseline to start from with ABS? Or would you suggest to leave the printer for a few days and wait for the PLA. And after a while when im more familiar with the machine, to try ABS again. Cause i really think its a piece of art, but right now, it has giving my headaches thanx Michel
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