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  1. pff, i didn't see that. Thx, thats it
  2. i have just installed cura 13.06.5 on my mac. If i load a model it is not on the platform but lower than the platform. The slicing is from the platform so i miss the first layers of the model. Anyone encountered the same problem?
  3. Yes, you do have to update the firmware so i found out :-P
  4. I have just added the dual extrusion kit to my Ultimaker. The first heater is working but the second doesn't. Do i need to update the firmware or something in the Ulticontroller? Another thing i noticed that a little black block on two of the stepper drivers broke off, i guess they are for cooling. Is that a problem, can it be fixed?
  5. thx for the answer. Not the one i wanted to hear but its an answer :-)
  6. i experience the same 'seam'. Do i need to change it in gcode or is there another way around?
  7. Thx all, the problem is solved. You were right, after checking all screws of the pulleys and motors, i found out that one off the belts wasn't tight enough causing slipping now and then. So i loosened the pulleys, tightened the belt tensioners and fastened the pulleys again. Now i make great prints via the ulticontroller as well. me happy man
  8. Thank you Rob, i checked al the hardware, everything is tightened and prints via a usb cable come out perfectly. The same object printed via the ulticontroller keeps 'stepping' on the x axis. Are there any settings i could change in the controller or so?
  9. i just installed an ulticontroller on my ultimaker and downloaded the newest cura. If i am printing via an usb cable the print comes out fine. If i copy the file to the SD card and print the same file via the ulticontroller - the print 'steps' on the x axis (every layer moves a few mm to the right, like one of the pulleys or belts is loose, but this isn't so). Some1 has any idea?
  10. euh, is it me or are there a lot of 'hightec' sounds while printing, like R2D2 is at work ? My wife and kid likes it but i'm not sure. Can you turn it of because i don't have the feeling its the the original sound of the motors... or am i wrong?
  11. I received 1 Blue limit switch, 1 red limit switch, 2 black limit switches all with long wires and 2 limit switches with short wires. Does any1 know if i can use 2 short wires switches on the back panel? or do i need to ask ultimaker for a long one?
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