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  1. I looked and 3D printing with professional systems is too expensive. Hence I think "classic" moulding is only solution at the moment. But still I need to make prototypes to test all different products. Hence can somebody help me and print one of my product with Ultimaker to show how it looks like? I have designed my products in Google Sketchup. Regards, Madis
  2. No I am not comparing I just want to understand what Ultimaker can do and can I handle with that. Maybe it is not right plase to aske about other products but if you know some 3D printers that are below 15000EUR but with good quality then please let me know. Regards, Madis
  3. Is it problem with Ultimaker or with all 3D Printers? I looked on assembled one 3DSystems Z150 and they have printed following http://www.zcorp.com/images/319_005.jpg . Hence I assumed that my items are possible also. If you know some better 3D Printers for my product please let me know. My budget is up to 15 000EUR. Regards, Madis
  4. Hi, I added my plastic details that I like to produce. Please look, is it possible to produce these with Ultimaker at all? Ultimaker Original Add-ons Press kit.zip This slim object (in file 2 objects) has incline on front side, is it possible to make it with UM? Regards, Madis
  5. Thank you. Can you sugsest what will be the better solution if not 3D printing? Madis Btw: ABS is fine for this medical solution.
  6. Hi, I am enetring to plastic medical supplies manufacturing. Oour products are in size 6cm x 6 cm x 6cm and we are producing apprx. 10 000 items per year. Due to low amount of items I do not like to use mold technique for that. Hence I found Ultimaker. I read posts here but I still have some questions. 1) Is this system applicable for such amount of products? 2) Can I achieve smooth result with that. Smooth - If you imagine frame of your electrical socket in your wall. That mean can I achieve same result. Maybe I can help with sandpaper? 3) What can be apprx. cost of material if the item size is 6cm x 6cm x 6 cm? As I understand from web then it is under 1EUR. 4) Can I produce nut with thread that is connectable with bolt? Thank you, Madis
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