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  1. Thanks guys for your help, I appreciate the quick responses !
  2. Looking at the board, I don't have any motor drivers mounted on them. They are not in the box, either, they are missing from my batch.
  3. Got exactly the same problem I received: - 1 blue (long) - 1 red (long) - 2 black (long) - 2 black (short) I ended up unsoldering one of the short black ones and turning it into a longer one.
  4. Hi, I've just assembled my Ultimaker(Batch 6) and I can't get any of the motors(x,y,z,extruder) working. When I connect it to my computer via USB, the main fan starts up. I switch the power on and the fan spins up even more. I can connect to it in replicatorG, I can heat up the extruder head and switch the extruder fan on and off. When I try to test the stepper motors, nothing happens. Any ideas what I might be missing? Thanks, Zoltan
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