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  1. Yahooo! Ive just received new pulleys! Looks fantastic Markus you are DA MAN! Thank you!!!
  2. Hey Markus maybe something wrong with PM but I still have no any payment details :(
  3. Hi Markus, good news! We are waiting next batch!!!!!!!
  4. Just found this post, if it is not too late - I need complete set of pulleys please! Best rgards, Dmitry
  5. Ian, thanks a lot And yes, I post some photos in the Photo section
  6. So here some of my latest prints from my DIY ScrathBuilt Ultimaker And first print with 0.1 slice in Cura! I Like it
  7. Thanks a lot for the tips! I'm trying once again;)
  8. Cool news;) BTW Daid, could you please share your Cura setup for tiny walking robo print??? (wall thiknes, infill%, speed) i am tring to print it but legs wall thiknes seems to low and every time I'm trying to clear the support I broke legs :(
  9. Some new stuff Yesterday I tried 0.1 slice in Cura! I Like it The finishing surface looks good but I can see some horizontal waves it seems that I can see my axis belt "drawing" on the surface :roll:
  10. Hi Daid, Ive print on additional 2mm thin acrilic plate so no problem with that! One more comment on "Build me marlin" builder- i could not invert EXTRUDER axis-it does not matter is there checked or unchecked box- it rotates in one direction always!!! so I finished reversing motor wires to reverse extruder motor!
  11. Thanks After some tuning, upgrading firmware and soft to CURA RC2(Daid, HUGE THANKS for AWESOME SOFT) I finally got more or les good result here it is
  12. So finally, after some head modification (Daid, you was right about heat transfer to bowden fitting ) and trying to understand software and firmware I've got first prints!!! WOW! IT WORKS!!! http://vimeo.com/40281659 Now it is time to fine tune it
  13. Now it is not isolated, I suppose that contact spot between tube and steel fitting is so small that it should not cause steel heating enough to melt filament above it but anyway I need to do some tests at first and if the problem appears I can make PTFE insert between steel and brass tip
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