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  1. January Sale - Now on eBay with BIN for GBP 2300,- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184137052598
  2. I’m battling with accuracy of my UM3e - so if you could let me know I would be very happy. thanks
  3. sorry - I don't get notifications from here - no printer still available :)
  4. Price - best offer or 2800,- I can throw in UK shipping for free if it helps. I've updated original posting to show details of material included and a couple of pictures. Right now it is connected to my Dry-Box - but it is complete.
  5. Hi, printer is in Greater London - TW9 / Kew. I'll try and upload some pictures later on.
  6. I'm selling my UM 3 Extended as I'm not using it much. Print Time - heads say < 5 days each In original (but tatty) box Included printer with original heads (3 total) 1. a few rolls of ABS material + what is left of original (1 x Black ABS slightly used, 1 x White ABS Slightly used, 1 x Red ABS unopened, Original silver - not much left - original support material not much left.) - all rolls are original Ultimaker. 2. Enhanced Print Kit (1 extra print plates/glass + Front Cover) 3. few head cleaner sticks. Will sh
  7. Hi All, it has been a while since I was active here as my Z-M200 has kept me out of trouble since my UM Original. But circumstance and luck? brought me back with 2 "new" UM's in two weeks. One UM2 bought broken and quickly repaired - and another 2nd hand UM3E with < 24 hours on it. So I'm back and have now gotten more or less up to speed on UM since my first "IKEA" Flatpack UM Original. ? And a LOT has happened over time. It is great to see Cura is now Mature(ish) and UM 2 / UM 3 are huge steps forward. I like the new Autolevel - and for PLA t
  8. I had issues with UM2 USB direct print from Cura 3.3.1 - I think there are some issues. I switched to SD Card print and all was good. My issue - printer did not get a "position" reset before the print started from the PC after a bed leveling. Cura started printing straight away without waiting for heated bed or extruder to heat up. There was a bit of retained heat so some material came out but not enough to bind. I exported the same print to SD card and all was fine. It was after updating to latest firmware, then a factory reset + complete shutdo
  9. ahh thanks :-) then maybe the start up wizzard should start with 800 :-) else you cant complete the startup wizzard. anyway - 2 questions 1. Is it possible to set it so the head does not have a start position in the middle of the print? (0,0,0) ? That usually leaves a blob in the middle of my print :-) 2. How about raft printing? Is that an option? Flat and big objects seem to stick very well to the blue tape... thanks
  10. I am running the included Marlin 1.0 RC II? firmware - and I cannot run the extrude test either on Cura RC1. I have given the program the right rights for the directory. when pressing extrude - I hear a few ticks from the extruder (like one or two) but no extrusion happens. But when I print it extrudes fine. (from PrintRun) If I enter a new value in the "100" Edit box - it just reverts back to 100 and Steps pr E stays at 0.0? Apart from that Cura slices a lot faster than netfabb on my 6/12 core I7..
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