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  1. Thanks. Unloaded Tweak At Z 3.1.1 and all OK. Now to find problem in tweak! Ian
  2. Hi Slicing a model (Windows 7) the processing bar goes solid white and stay there. No job time or material used or opportunity to save to SD. Using 14.01 on the same PC the job time and material used displays work as expected. 14.03 has not hung up because if you change a parameter it reslices but still just ends up showing a solid white progress bar Regards Ian
  3. Hi I have just received a Merlin. Would you care to share your head design? Save me reinventing the wheel! Regards Ian
  4. Hi I want to add some plugins to my ubuntu version of cura. There is one default plugin "pause at height". When I click "open plugin location" I get Could not find "/home/ian/.cura/plugins". I created this folder and added a test.py file but it did not show in plugins. Where should plugins go ? Regards Ian
  5. Many thanks Unfortunately TweakAtZ works incorrectly in cura version 13.10 RC1. It puts in a bed temperature change line but in the wrong place in the code. I guess Daid has changed something and the plugin would have to be changed to work with the latest version which I understand is coming out of beta any day now. Edit False alarm. TweakAtZ does work. Unfortunately I have a Z5.0 value in my start gcode file and that triggered TweakAtZ. So long as I don't use Z5.0 as the TweakAtZ value it seems OK.
  6. Hi Can you set up Cura so that the bed temperature setting is set lower after the first layer? Regards Ian
  7. Hi Daid Do you know how to solve my problem. Error report posted above on 6th July. Regards Ian
  8. Many thanks Jeremie I can now see an error. The update/upgrade did not solve the problem, error remains the same. ian@ian-desktop:/usr/bin$ cura Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/wx-2.8-gtk2-unicode/wx/_core.py", line 14614, in <lambda> lambda event: event.callable(*event.args, **event.kw) ) File "/usr/share/cura/Cura/gui/splashScreen.py", line 16, in DoCallback self.callback() File "/usr/share/cura/Cura/gui/app.py", line 41, in afterSplashCallback from Cura.gui import mainWindow File "/usr/share/cura/Cura/gui/mainWind
  9. Would you give me a command line format example please.
  10. Hi I have just installed Cura from the package on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I get the blue splash screen and then nothing happens, the splash screen just stays on the desktop. Any ideas how I can get it to run? Regards Ian
  11. Hi Has any one fitted a heat sink successfully to the V2 hot end? Regards Ian
  12. Hi Daid I am willing to test. Regards Ian
  13. Hi Will the Synchromesh Cable really work? What stops the core twisting under load and effecting position. You might like to try Misumi for belts. Their pricing is very competitive in the UK.
  14. Hi I started with a ballscrew repstrap. One of the biggest troubles I had was ball screw inertia. I could not get the acceleration or speed you need for 3D printing. It is the low inertia required to move the Ultimaker extruder head that makes it a much better machine than a mendel. I have built a Repstrap, Mendel & finally purchased an Ultimaker. It is streets ahead in speed and therefore resolution. (At low speeds high resolution is like watching paint dry!) Regards Ian
  15. OK I tried the hidden brim and it helped but was not as effective as the tabs I had been using. I think it is because the single layer is too week. My tabs are usually 0.8mm same as default base thickness. Is there any way to make the brim more than 1 layer thickness? Regards Ian
  16. Thanks Daid I will give that a try. Regards Ian
  17. Hi I wondered if this is possible. I am producing fairly large boxes. I have found even with PLA it helps to have 2mm high flat extensions on the corners of the boxes to stop warping. These are then cut off. I am using thin walls and low density fill. This means where the extensions are cut off I am exposing the fill. Is there a way of forcing the wall perimeter to go round the object and treat the extension as a separate object. I have tried making the extension a separate part but If I place it as close as I need to Cura treats as all one object. If I move it away so that Cura does treat
  18. Hi I am just about to add a Heated Bed. I have an EPCOS 100K Thermistor ref B57540G0104J Which thermistor should I select in the Marlin builder? There is more than one listed. Regards Ian
  19. Many thanks. I had retraction but clearly not enough. Nice clean print running as I type.
  20. Hi I am into my 3rd month of using an Ultimaker with ulticontroller for part production using PLA. I use Cura to great effect and on what I would describe as basic solid parts where the extruder remains with in the body of the object the results are excellent. However recently I have made a number of parts with projecting features (think of a table upside down on the bed with legs in the air). The issue is a lot of stringing and blobs where the extruder stops to move in air across to the next feature. Any suggestions as to the best strategy/settings to reduce this blobbing and stringing? The
  21. Hi Ledlab Did you get your heated bed to work with a second power supply? If so could you give details of the relay you used and how you wired it into the Ulimaker PCB.
  22. Hi Did you get this to work with circuit as per your post? I am just about to add a heated bed with a second power supply.
  23. ianeagland


    Hi Daid Any chance of having the Brim feature added to Cura? http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?1,136 ... affe545412
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