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  1. Hi I have always used Z lift with other slicers. It stops the extruder dragging on the top of a job which can cause problems with tall objects on small bases. Can this be set up in Cura? I can't see where to implement it. I only use about 1mm.
  2. Hi I now have my Ulticontroller working properly. Slicing with Cura and getting great results (Thank you Daid). What is the most efficient way of uploading files to the SD card? Or should I put the SD card into the computer and just write the files onto the SD card?
  3. Hi Maybe a single ball of suitable size could be used as a thrust bearing. I have a rotary table that restrains a drive shaft with a single ball and it seems to work well.
  4. I am using the Kingston card supplied by Ultimaker. However I have some Scan SD cards so I will try one of those as I had not thought that the card might be the problem. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hi As I reported earlier I also had a similar problem. Following Ultimakers agreement to honour the guarantee should I attempt to repair the board I soldered all all the pins I could reach without removing the LCD panel. This solved the original problem and I can now see all the programmes on the SD and upload programmes from PrintRun. However I now have another problem. Programmes that run fine from PrintRun stop part way through when printing from direct from the SD. They seem to stop always in the same place. Is there any way to debug what is happening? The LCD displays an ascending
  6. Hi I have installed RC4. What is the recommended procedure for loading existing setups from RC3 to RC4 (including gcode start etc.)? Or should I open both and copy and paste?
  7. Hi Daid Like others I really appreciate the work you have put into Cura. I am getting pretty good prints "Out of the box". One thing I would find helpful specially when experimenting with settings would be a time and date stamp in the G code file. Perhaps on the first line where you put ;TYPE:CUSTOM 16:04 17/5/2012 for example.
  8. Hi I have a small issue with Cura (or maybe its skeinforge). Start G code does not come at the beginning of the file. This always comes first:- ;TYPE:CUSTOM M92 E865.888000 M109 S210.000000. The problem I have is that I do not want heating at that point. I am trying to adopt something similar to this strategy:- http://hydraraptor.blogspot.co.uk/2012/ ... start.html I want to control initial heat up in start g code. If it were M104 I could kill it in the first line of my start g code with M104 S0 but of course the M109 holds everything until you are up to temperature. Is there a work
  9. Thanks Daid, What is the best method of getting and installing the latest Marlin firmware if you are using Replicatorg under Windows? I will contact Ultimaker as soon as I have tried a different SD.
  10. Hi Did you solve this problem? I have nearly the same situation. However just once removing and inserting the SD got it to work as I expected. Other times it causes garbage to scroll across the screen. I am using the Kingston SD supplied by Ultimaker. I have some Sandisks on order in case I have a bad SD card.
  11. Many thanks for the replies. I only just realised the board circuit designs are freely available so I can go through the circuit. I have some experience of adapting other devices to run off the nominal 24V. I have used dimension engineering ( http://www.dimensionengineering.com/products/de-swadj3 ) to replace 78 series voltage regulators on a number of projects. They are expensive but they work and usually fit a PCB without any problem.
  12. Hi I have a 24V DC power circuit in my workshop. Substantial batteries and PV panels. The voltage swings between 24V and 26.7 depending on the Sun and connected loads. So far it is running all my internet devices and some of the PC's. My aim is to run the Ultimaker from solar. Does any one know if the the Ultimaker PCB is capable of accepting say 27V DC as it is or will I have to construct a DC to DC power supply?
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