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  1. It was broken in the git tree shortly after I implemented the frontend in the builder. At this time it is disabled, but the backend code is there for future use. I will check with Daid to see if his patch ever made it to Marlin
  2. I just installed win 7 in a VM to test... It has ie9 on there. The first page load showed nothing in the dropdowns, but as soon as I enabled the debugging console, annoyingly they worked! Let me look into this some more.
  3. "Hi, tried to use it but currently there are no templates in machine selection and option configuration shown in the drop down boxes..." Strange! Do you have a javascript enabled browser? The template selector is really just a shortcut. All you need to set is "Second Extruder temperature sensor:" setting to get dual extrusion.
  4. Dual extrusion support is now added to the builder. I have also added a template for selecting heated bed, ulticontroller and dual extrusion. Let me know if this doesn't cover your combination and I will add the template. I have verified the correct settings are applied, but I only have one extruder on my machine so you will need to verify.
  5. Thanks gr5, good advice. I will look at adding the dual extrusion support this weekend.
  6. The latest version of ErikZalm marlin branch shows the time taken so far to print the object.
  7. Ok now I unerstand what you mean about following the topic! I'm not used to that mechanism in a forum... normally you start the topic you get replies! I am now following this.
  8. Fixed. tested.Can you verify please! Thanks for the report
  9. thanks guys. For some reason I don't seem to be getting followup emails on here.
  10. Hi guys, Just a reminder that I am looking for people to test the replacement marlin builder software. I have also added a basic template system so you can preconfigure some of the options such as heated bed etc. I would like to know if your generated configuration.h file matches your configuration correctly. http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/ I have tested this on my recent ultimaker with heated bed and ulticontroller. Combinations of the above features work well. However heed the warnings on the page! Bugs, issues etc are welcome. Once this is stable I can start work on better
  11. Hi, not sure if this is the right place but here goes... Hopefully the subject will have got past the "where can I get the Marlin builder" mental filters we all have now. I had a free afternoon and needed to scratch a personal itch. I have reimplemented the marlin builder to the best of my knowledge. All of the code lives in a single php file. Check it out: http://marlinbuilder.robotfuzz.com/ Source code: https://github.com/ginge/marlin-builder Please can you check this. I have done a quick check and it passes my initial "well it worked for me" test. DO NOT USE WITHOUT MANUAL
  12. Order 1557, ordered 17th Feb, in my hands 27 March. Let the building commence!
  13. No DHL info :( Does anyone know if they are shipped daily or weekly? Not sure if I will have to wait another week before my shipping confirmation. Thanks
  14. Order 1557, 17th Feb No news yet. Now been 5 weeks. :( How did you get a 3 week turnaround!
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