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  1. Hi all, i've this problem: I created with gcode with netfab and tried to print it Replicator g, but there is a problem of deformation. I tried to print it in different size, and with different firmware, but always the same kind of deformation. We use the ultimakersince about one mounth and we had never seen this problem before, like printing the staford bunny, but perhaps because it is a different geometry. May depend by the tension of the belts that is yet too low? Thank you all.
  2. Honestly was not possible for taut the belts as in the video guide, and are quite soft. I also unscrewed a bit 'the screws internal to these components to increase the tension as much as possible, but I do not understand how to get higher.
  3. Hi all, are just a few days that we use ultimaker and today we tried to print the stanford bunny. The overall quality does not look bad, whereas we have not calibrated yet the machine. But we had a problem on the y axis, which is sometimes shifted abruptly from one layer to another. The first time was very showy, and I thought it might have touched the sensor limit and have messed up, because was very close from the origin. But then I moved the model and it happened again. What it is usually in these cases? I have some hypotheses: -sensor end of stroke -error in the gcode (made wit
  4. Ok, thank you. But what do you mean for clean? Just estrude the second wire for some time? And, second dubt: if i pull out the wire having a hot head, there is not the danger the wire blend with the teflon tube because is jet very hot? Thank you.
  5. Hi all, a very banal question: what is the procedure to change material? Just pull the wire by hand? And if i switch from pla to abs or from abs to pla, there is something particular to do? Thank you all.
  6. After some initial prints, without any particular problems all'ultimaker apparently, has begun to flow burned pla from the joint between the aluminum and the peek, emitting a little smoke. We immediately stopped printing. A bit 'of plastic was poured between the nozzle and aluminum, before, but we were not so scary about. It is common or very bad? Do you think we should remove the nozzle and try to celan it? Maybe the temperature was just too high. The ultimaker did't stop extruding. Thank you all.
  7. I have some question. -Is normal that, in the replicator g control panel, al the axes can be conrolled with precision except for the extruder motor? If i give him some order, there is a big delay waiting for the answer, and most of the time it just don't respond. I use replicator g 025 with the arduino mega shield 1.5.x and the Built 1 Standard Relase firmware. -When we generate gcode to print a normal cube, if i use my computer the extruder stepper don't work, if is done by a friend of mine, it does. What are the important option to check? -The ultimaker can't mantain the temperature d
  8. The problem seems solved, I brought the head to 210 degrees and then I pushed the cable by hand. The head has begun to expel PLA. I still can not print anything else, because then, when I run some simple model, the extruder turn a litte bit before to start but then stands still and the head leaves very little material. But maybe something wrong in generating the gcode.
  9. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum. Yesterday we finished building our Ultimaker and we did some test printing. Unfortunately after a couple of prints the pal plastic has become brown and stopped going out, while the extruder was smoking. I go for points to make it easier to understand what happened: -During the installation we had to cut a little the tube because the reoìcomended 8mm were too many and was impossible to have a contact between the metal connector and the wood. Once shortened to 1 mm is left a small gap between the metal and wood, but there was also in the picture of the
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