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  1. Hi, I have dusted off and repaired my Ultimaker Original that has been broken for years. I was not able to run it on my new computer with Cura 4.1 and tried to plug it in to my old computer and the printer is still working 😄 Is it possible to get my Ultimaker Original to run on the new Cura software? If not. Where can I download a compiled version of Cura 15.04, this page https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/234-cura-software links to a Git repo and I dont know how to build that version. Big thanks and hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂 /David
  2. I have managed to get it to start printing Its not really working that well yet, but I am sure that I will manage to get it working
  3. @Daid: Thanks for the fan suggestion. It was so irritating to always have to have the fan on. @mr_seeker: Thanks. Now I know which baud values to try. Woho...... Thanks Daid. I went in to replicatorg Machine/update firmware and chose the standard one from the list. Now Replicatorg showes its connected :-D I also changed the replicatorg/machine/ultimaker.xml and changed the 9600 to 57600. Nice. I think that the Netfabb is working now aswell after I canged it to 57600 baud. Thanks for the help. Now I have to figure out whats to do next to be able to get a test print
  4. Hey everyone, I have built my Ultimaker a couple of weeks ago, but had problems installing it on my Win7 computer. Today I have tried my XP laptop and I am having exactly the same problems... ReplicatorG says this error message: "RepRap not responding to RTS reset. Failed to connect" I have also installed Netfabb and I am not being able to connect there either. What its doing that I think is normal behavior is that the printer head lights up in blue. The fan runs slowly when usb connected and ramps up when main power switch is on. I have 2 green leds on the extra board. I have an orange light that is flashing on the arduino board. I can see that the arduino is installed in the Device manager and runs on COM13. What I have been doing is reading about the problem and playing around with the baud rates. But I cant get anything to work. In the Device manager, arduino board settings I can change the baud that was originally set to 9600. I changed it in the Ultimaker.xml in ReplicatorG to have the same value. Nothing happend. I tried to change both to 57600 without luck. Right now I am feeling really stuck and hope that you guys have some ideas on what to do? Is it possible to update the code in the arduino for instance? Any help is appreciated.
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