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  1. Hi, I have dusted off and repaired my Ultimaker Original that has been broken for years. I was not able to run it on my new computer with Cura 4.1 and tried to plug it in to my old computer and the printer is still working 😄 Is it possible to get my Ultimaker Original to run on the new Cura software? If not. Where can I download a compiled version of Cura 15.04, this page https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/234-cura-software links to a Git repo and I dont know how to build that version. Big thanks and hope you are all having a great weekend 🙂
  2. I have managed to get it to start printing Its not really working that well yet, but I am sure that I will manage to get it working
  3. @Daid: Thanks for the fan suggestion. It was so irritating to always have to have the fan on. @mr_seeker: Thanks. Now I know which baud values to try. Woho...... Thanks Daid. I went in to replicatorg Machine/update firmware and chose the standard one from the list. Now Replicatorg showes its connected :-D I also changed the replicatorg/machine/ultimaker.xml and changed the 9600 to 57600. Nice. I think that the Netfabb is working now aswell after I canged it to 57600 baud. Thanks for the help. Now I have to figure out whats to do next to be able to get a test print
  4. Hey everyone, I have built my Ultimaker a couple of weeks ago, but had problems installing it on my Win7 computer. Today I have tried my XP laptop and I am having exactly the same problems... ReplicatorG says this error message: "RepRap not responding to RTS reset. Failed to connect" I have also installed Netfabb and I am not being able to connect there either. What its doing that I think is normal behavior is that the printer head lights up in blue. The fan runs slowly when usb connected and ramps up when main power switch is on. I have 2 green leds on the extra board. I have an oran
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