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  1. Hi all. After updating to Cura 3.5 i cannot control the support as in earlier versions.. I have a 90 degree ledge that is touching the buildplate and this is the only part that i need to support. All other overhangs are well within the set parameters and should not need support. Why is it adding so much support?
  2. Hi Sander. Thank you for your input, i did not know about your schooling blog it's great! I contacted HQ by email early in 2015 and was replied back that i should check the extruder that it was'nt overtightened and i should check to see if the nozzle was clogged, nothing about PTFEcoupling but i guess i was'nt an issue at that time? I asked around on this forum and on other 3D printer forums about this but i've never gotten a straight answer - i guess there is no straight answer - it could be down to alot of things but no one mentioned the PTFE coupler could be the culprit. Anyway it's now
  3. Oh and one more thing that would be nice. When this is now found the be a consumeable there is no point in this costing 15 euros and 11 euros in shipping. I know you have the best printers on the market but it seems your sparpart prices are a bit high. The tiny PTFE coupler i bought came in a huge box - i have no idea of how your postal system works but a bouble envelope where i come from would not cost 11 euros to send across europe.
  4. Cloakfriend, I somewhat agree to that, but in my case and in most other cases i have come across people can do atomic pulls just fine but when examining the old PTHE coupler ive found that the hole that the filament passed through had been deformed and once in awhile the filament will jam in the uneven coupler. However if you do extreme atomic pulls and get material in between the coupler and the brass youve created a whole new set of problems - Been there myself. Instead of using PLA for the atimic method i now use PA (Nylon), i cool the nozzle down to 130 C and pull gently and slowly, this
  5. Hi Guys. According to Keukpa in his post "it's all in the PTFE coupler" he states that underextrusion problems are due to the PTFE coupler on the earlier versions of UM2 not being good enough quality. See his post here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/17016-its-all-in-the-ptfe-coupler I just wanted to second that. I have been very close to binning my UM2, it has given me nothing but problems from day one. When i saw Keukpa's post i chose not to believe that it could be that simple so a tried alot of other things before i finally bought a new PTFE coupler for my UM2. IT WORKS!!
  6. Hi Forum. Does anyone know where to get the UM light Blue filament that the Ultimaker is shipped with? I cant seem to find it at UM store. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for your answers guys. The only thing i have not tried is replacing the PTFE coupling - i will contact UM. When i recieve the new coupling i will turn down the amps on the extruder. The trouble with the extruder began after roughly 200 print hours. Does anyone have any idea why UM is not gearing the extruder anymore? It seems that gearing it makes more sence, of course you risk chewing the filament if somethig goes wrong, but rather that than having to clean the nozzle over and over again.
  8. Hi UM Forum. I know this topic have been touched several times, but i would like to give my contribution to it. Recently i upgraded my UM original with all the stuff that were available to it, extruder upgrade, hotend upgrade, heated bed, tightened the belts and all in all gave it i good overhauling. Now i find myself using my Original UM for 95% of printjobs rather tham my UM2. The only reason for this is the very unstable extruder on the UM2. The extruder on the UM2 works great.... when it works... I do ALOT of Atomic pulls during a printweek, i crancked up the amps to the motor,
  9. Yes it might be so, but the finer information is much harder to find. You dont get a full view, you have to scroll too much - a bit apple like i think...
  10. Just wanted to express my opinion on the new Ultimaker webpage design. It's cumbersome, buggy and very hard to navigate. If i were a newcomer to this i would very quickly find somewhere else to look for 3D printers.. I think that a webpage should be intuitive and easy to navigate, this new one is waaaay to complicated. It seems that the designer just wanted to try all the apps and gadgets and just left them all on! Just my thoughts..
  11. You are very right Didier. I have been experimenting with PP and ABS, and experienced grinding on the extruder with those two materials. Actually when i think about, it was after i tried printing with those materials that i first saw this extrusion problem. If i need to set the current up at a later time, how is that done? Is this done on the circuit board?
  12. Thank you Didier. I will try to look further into this. Right now im printing the part that failed before and it looks great :-)
  13. OH MY GOD !!!!!! Used the Atomic method and here is the results. Before Atomic method: After Atomic method: The extruder started missing steps at 8mm3/s but as you can see it still printed fine all the way up. Thanks again, you saved my day :smile:
  14. Thanks so much Didier. I will try the atomic method after it is done with the tube test im printing right now. The spool is almost new, but i will keep an eye on that when it comes to the end. I will get back when i have tested these things.
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