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  1. Hi Danjin, Yes, it's still available. I've received a couple of offers but no payment yet. The first one to pay is the first one to get it. 😉 I'm happy to hear you're the kind of person who likes tinkering with things, so I am as you can see haha 😛 If you like I'm more than happy to discuss with you about the changes I've made to the machines, the reasons and the accessories it will be shipped with and we can discuss about the price too in detail to see if we have an agreement or not. Feel free to PM me with your phone number and I can call you if you're inter
  2. The E-steps value greatly depends from your extruder gear, if your e-steps were fine when running with 2.85mm filament you should just change the filament setting in the slicer and it should work fine. If you changed your extruder gear then you would need to calculate the e-steps value unless the manifacturer told you
  3. Hi Everyone, I've decided to put up for sale my UMO. It comes as a bundle and there's load of stuff in this package. The printer will be shipped assembled and is in working conditions. It's a heavily modified machine and you can see pictures and details of all the modifications it received in the thread: http://3dprintingforum.us/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=54&start=30 Despite being an Classic UMO it has been upgraded to have a Heated Bed with a PEI surface and it was converted for 1,75mm filament. It comes with ALL modifications described in the
  4. Washington State ZIP: 98052 @LePaul: haha thanks. If this was in Italy I probably would've gotten it without thinking twice, but as it's in US I will have to get it shipped to a colleague within a specific time-frame, then I would have to disassemble, re-pack it and fit it in my luggage. So a lot of thinking is going into this :(
  5. If you were to ship this week, would it make to Seattle within one week? Also: could you ship it disassembled or you would ship it assembled?
  6. Nice, glad to see you integrated the 3 points leveling in it
  7. I don't know. As far as I can see on the website it's still free to use
  8. Hi Le Paul, I know this may not be what you're asking for, but when I was printing the death trooper helm I had some pieces in which the support was being difficult. I resolved by creating a STL with meshmixer with the support from there and then printing it with Cura with the added support. Yes, it's a lot of support indeed in the end, but as you said: sometimes you just need it when the printing time is very long.
  9. Argh, I'll be travelling to Seattle WA. I was considering picking it up by hand if you were close by
  10. Hi Amedee, No. There should be no crash risk even at the top. If you read my repro steps at step 1 i do home at the bottom, but then at step 5 i disable the mod and home again at the top. Are you instead talking about a crash risk if you ALWAYS home at the top? In that case there may be a "more touching of the head on the bed" but then the risk should still be mitigated by the top endstop.
  11. No, in my case it will not crash in the head, but it will lower the bed and print mid-air. I don't think there's a crash risk, just a missprint risk.
  12. Hi Amedee, There's another bug with this code, not sure if "reset firmware to failsafe" helps to fix it or not, as I haven't yet tested that part out. The way the issue works is as per the below repro steps: 1- Enable Neotko's mod and have the UMO home at the bottom 2- Flash the firmware with the mod 3- Adjust the Z offset to the value it should be. In my case this is 19.7 4- Print - everything works fine 5- Flash another firmware disabling Neotko's mod and have the UMO home at the top 6- Print - the printer will home and then it will move the bed down by 19.7 when printing, so the pri
  13. Hi Amedee, The later fix is not needed as per se, but I included it for two reasons: 1- It doesn't hurt 2- It fixes other issues that may arise going forward when/if we decide to port more features from Marlin RC to our version of Marlin. Also note that in the second fix they renamed "scale" to "_scale", as it refers to a more advanced version of the firmware, so you have to implement it by changing it back to "scale". So in the end it's not a fix, it's prevention
  14. Looking at your code, you should be able to repro the issue I'm describing by inserting this code in one of your menus and trying to edit the value in a negative number. MENU_ITEM_EDIT(float32, "Z offset", &add_homeing[Z_AXIS], -30, 10);
  15. Well it's weird...mainly because my build is a fork of yours and also this same issue was fixed in the main Marlin branch Here's the source: https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/pull/1153 https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues/5310
  16. Also, please add the following in your code or when you switch to negative numbers you'll have issues https://github.com/Antiklesys/Marlin-1/commit/2d411460e75fb5020d0cd20dc658659a12f4c083
  17. Hi Amedee, I can test it out, I have modified my printer similarly to Neotko. Also on 3dprintingforum.us i published a few links to my github in which I added the bottom homing as per Neotko's mod and a few bug fixes (issues with negative numbers in the display) If you check those, I can assure you they were fully tested by me and working
  18. Can you share the code you're using for the fine Adjust?
  19. Code fix is here: https://github.com/Antiklesys/Marlin-1/commit/2d411460e75fb5020d0cd20dc658659a12f4c083
  20. Found the cause of the issue. This is generated from a bug in marlin, fixed the code and now works fine
  21. Hi, This is not the same thing I meant. Thickness makes the infill layer wider, not taller.
  22. I think it could be cheaper to leverage optical end-stops for this purpose. I believe they also may perform better than the normal switches as Neotko's adapter for homing at the bottom may "bend slightly" if the homing is done "too fast", thus providing inaccuracy. Your thoughts?
  23. Tested by changing the line into: #ifdef ENABLE_AUTO_BED_LEVELING MENU_ITEM_EDIT(float32, MSG_ZPROBE_ZOFFSET, &zprobe_zoffset, -10, 10);#endif The first issue I encounter is graphical. While the value stays within positive numbers, the display shows it correctly during the adjustment (for instance it shows : "Z Offset: 000.02") As soon as I go below 0 with the encoder, it shows on the display "Z Offset: --*.,(" Thus not allowing me to correctly set a negative value.
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