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  1. MM_Build, Interesting information. I have a MK3 0.5mm nozzle with a cut down tip. It is possible that its not flat. When it extrudes material in the air the stream tends to go to one side. At 50mm/s, 230 C and after rerunning the 100mm extrusion calibration in skeinpypy, an 8 hour build completed successfully without the holes. Thanks for all the help. Now I have to order more PLA.
  2. After printing for about 30 min at 100mm/sec voids started to appear near the front left of the machine. This probably throws out my bowden tube bending theory. I slowed to 50mm/s and completed the print successfully. The tension has been significantly increased so that it is a little difficult to slide the tensioner lock arm down. I am using a Marlin firmware and the PID temperature control holds within 1C whenever I check. Any ideas for removing the gaps with faster print speeds? I attempted to use retraction_extra to force more material through after a rapid movement. my hypothe
  3. Increasing the temp to 230 and tightening the tension allowed a good print at 100mm/s
  4. That print was at 75-100mm/s and 220 C. I'll slow it down and try again. Thanks
  5. This is a picture of the problem. About 1/4 from the bottom I moved the feeder to the middle of the right side of the Ultimaker. You can see that the sparse extrusion followed the feeder. I moved it back to its normal mount after about 10 layers and the sparse section of extrusion followed.
  6. When printing I get a poor extrusion only in the corner of the machine near the feed mechanism. This is noticeable on all larger prints (>100mm diameter). Each layer is poor in this corner but the extrusion is fine in the others. The problem is particularly noticeable on the perimeter. Is it possible that the movement of the head is causing the material path through the bowden tube to change length causing uneven extrusion rates ? Has anyone else experienced this? Did you fix it? How? Kurt
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