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  1. Thanks for your help. Unfortunately it isn't helping a bit :(. It seems every time the z-axis goes one down ( when it prints a new layer ) the x goes one tiny bit to the left which makes every print perfectly diagonal BUT that is not what I want! Any other suggests?
  2. Hello everyone, Big problem. I want to print something and I'm already trying this for 3 days but I can't figure out how. I'm using skeinpypy ( can't get Cura installed but that ain't a problem because skeinpypy WAS working fine for the last two months ), without any problems. But since two days the printer just keeps printing objects diagonal. And by this I mean he is printing a layer and places the next layer 1 mm to the left. So you end up with all your objects diagonal. I was printing a very big object when it began. It was a big square and it ended up being a diagonal square. Can someone please help me? I've already downloaded skeinpypy again, other settings but nothing works. The only thing that works is printing a very small box. No problem with that. But bigger objects will fail. Hope you can help me out. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello Daid, The working version on my mac is the beta version. I will try changing the commands to 2.6, I will let you know if it worked.
  4. Hello everyone, I've been trying to get Cura installed but it won't work. I've got skeinpypy already working but can't figure out why cura won't. I'm working on Mac Lion and got all the libraries installed ( I guess, because the version before cura, skeinpypy, works without problems ). When I say sh ./cura.sh to the the terminal it answers with: matthijs-klips-macbook-pro:~ klipperdeklip$ sh /Users/klipperdeklip/Downloads/osx64-Cura-RC2/cura.sh Traceback (most recent call last): File ", line 1, in ImportError: No module named OpenGLRequires PyOpenGLsudo easy_install PyOpenGLmatthijs-klips-macbook-pro:~ klipperdeklip$ Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance
  5. Could someone maybe upload a picture of their step driver screw settings? I don't want to overheat another step driver and wait another hole week to get started again with printing. Thanks in advance
  6. So, just to get things clear, it doesn't matter if i'm turning the screw 4 rounds to the right or left, as long as it is pointing towards 2 'o clock ? The Step drivers form y and z are standing perfect like this? Just to be sure
  7. Hello everyone, I figured out my step driver from the x-axis is broken. I've tried to lower the power hoping that might be the problem ( http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Electronics_b ... or_drivers ) but it didn't help unfortunately. I just contacted ultimaker and they will send me a new one so I hope I can print my first creation next week. But there is still a question unanswered: When I tried to turn the screws on the stepper driver I didn't feel a "stop" or something when I turned it to the left or right. There was no stop which made me able to keep turning to the left and right. Is this normal? Or am i turning the wrong screws? I embedded a picture where you can see the stepper drivers. The upper driver isn't working anymore (1.) and the other ones are still working. Is the flat side on the screw (highlighted with nr. 2.) the indicator of where you are shown in the wiki? ( http://wiki.ultimaker.com/Electronics_b ... or_drivers ) or doesn't this have a function? How can I adjust these? I've also uploaded Marlin Experimental 3 from the "upload a new firmware" function in ReplicatorG. Is this version trustable? Or may this also cause problems like overheating? Thanks in advance
  8. I contacted ultimaker and they're on it right now. Thanks for the help. I will post the complete problem with a photo in a new post because i've got some specific questions about some things. I would love to hear you're ideas and suggestions about it.
  9. I'm from Holland, looking right now for a dealer in the neighborhood. So replacing the step driver with the Pololu A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier doesn't make any difference to the ultimaker? Why did they replace it for the usd1.0 then? Just wondering .
  10. I tried swapping the driver boards and it shows that the problem is in the board because still the port of the x-Axis gives no signal. I tried adjusting the step driver but also no signal of a fix. Got a little question about that one, i can't seem to feel the "stop limit" or something they are talking about on the wiki. It says that there is a max of turning it but I can just turn rounds and rounds. And it also raised a new question.. where can I get a new step driver?
  11. Hello everyone, After a good struggle in the morning I came to the conclusion that my stepper driver is broken (part usd1.0, http://www.ultimaker.com/usd1.0). And with the conclusion came a quite simple question.. Where can I get new parts? Because on the ultimaker shop there is a section "parts" but it on only shows the arduino board. Suggestions? Thanks in advance
  12. Hello, While I was printing a simple 3D object the x-Axis suddenly stopped working and the printer started only moving the y and z axis. I switched the x with the y in the motherboard which made clear that the x motor still works but apparently the chip input of the x axis does not work anymore. Putting the y motor in the port didn't result in nothing, clearly there is something wrong with the input of the x axis ( I guess ). I reinstalled the firmware, reinstalled replicatorG but no success.. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  13. I'm back on the 3D printer on tuesday so i'm afraid i will know the solution than. Unfortunately I'm running on mac so can't run SkeinPyPy ( sorry daid ). I will try the temperature setting though, will this also fix the extrusion gear then? I'm also trying to upload the marlin firmware to the ultimaker because of it's known as smoother printing. But first I would like to see just my first 3D print! Thanks already!
  14. Thanks for your quick reply. Unfortunately this doesn't fix the problem. It does actually fix it a tiny bit. The gear is now moving once a few minutes but after turning for 2 seconds it instantly stops again. Any other solutions? In the commands it does end with a number starting with E but after that numbers start with F. Example: G1 X-10.19 Y11.02 Z0.3 F3000.0 E93.523 G1 X-10.36 Y10.98 Z0.3 F3000.0 E93.739 G1 X-10.67 Y10.8 Z0.3 F3000.0 E94.189 G1 X-10.9 Y10.52 Z0.3 F3000.0 E94.642 G1 X-11.02 Y10.19 Z0.3 F3000.0 E95.082 G1 X-11.02 Y0.11 Z0.3 F3000.0 E107.691 this is only the beginning, then it continues the rest with this: ;M103 M104 S245.0 M104 S243.058 G1 X-11.4 Y0.11 Z1.0 F68.353 G1 X-11.4 Y10.23 Z1.0 F1500.0 G1 X-11.34 Y10.49 Z1.0 F1500.0 G1 X-11.23 Y10.71 Z1.0 F1500.0 G1 X-11.09 Y10.91 Z1.0 F1500.0 G1 X-10.91 Y11.09 Z1.0 F1500.0 G1 X-10.71 Y11.23 Z1.0 F1500.0 G1 X-10.49 Y11.34 Z1.0 F1500.0 etc.
  15. Hello everyone, After building the 3D printer i ran into a problem trying to print my first object. I used the wall.stl file given in the tutorial of ultimaker itself with software ReplicatorG 0024. The ultimaker is running on 5D, which was given standard. The problem is the extrusion gear. When i start to build everything runs smoothly. ReplicatorG is slicing the object and sending it to the ultimaker. The ultimaker first goes to the middle and the extrusion gear runs a bit to put some pla in the nock of the extrusion head. After that the extrusion head is making squares but the extrusion gear stops and won't turn anymore. Next he is just printing the square but without PLA. What am i doing wrong? I guess it has something to do with the program settings of replicatorG but can't find what exactly to change. Thanks in advance, Matthijs
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