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  1. hello there, too much trouble for me with the software issues. ultimaker is a great 3d-printer for this money, most likely the best. but i need a pro tool, where i feed the 3d-cad drawing and press print.....and it works, and the finish is superb... so if anybody fancy an assembled, not used ultimaker, got it delivered early march, assembled in march, now collecting dust.... 4 rolls of plast as well.... u can get a good price, better for all br kasimir
  2. as promised, report.... i did take the whole extruder apart, well as good as... it seems the brass pipe was clogged, but the biggest issue i think was that even when the pipe was cleaned the plast filaments didn't want to passs through.... so i did some serious rasping and made the entire hole much bigger.... that helped... now i manage to make the filament extrude all the way and so i managed to make my first print.... came out lousy but still... quite thin and missed a lot of material but i'm still happy... a small step towards some useful stuff.... cheerio and to all other out there wit
  3. hi there, fast replies... awesome.. i didn't manage to get any sense of video on my mac... now downloading on windows... big file so haven't watched yet... nope, that i checked today, no plug... the plastic flows quite easily through the tube and the motor manages, both in pronter and regG to move the plastic through the tube at reasonable speeds... until it gets to the extruder, or really a bit before... noticed that if i placed the extruder engine higher up the plastic got a straighter path and it worked better... but not to the extent of making it pass extruder head.... just watched the
  4. hi there, same thing here.... had some issues with assembling and make all work... especially software.... use a mac osx 10.6.8 and also have a windows7, work computer.... now i'm trying slic3r and pronter on my mac... i manage to extrude and make the extruder work when testing... manually i manage to extrude at various temperatures, mostly over 220 or even going as high as 280 for ABS... but when i have preheated extruder head and use the motor in testmode it works ok until it gets to extruder head... no extrusion... i tried to print a small ring, and the x and y motors perform beautifull
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