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  1. But can you actually put large spools on the back of that printer? A large printer will use large (larger than 1kg spools) amounts of filament. I'm hoping if there's an onboard camera is 1080P or higher for some nice time lapses.
  2. When's the release date? I've been nagging/begging/asking/hoping Ultimaker would offer a larger scale printer....I hope that's what this is and then some!
  3. Since I chimed in....I can say I found the cause.... It turned it I had a blob of material stuck in the extruder causing the noise. I changed filament and when I was trying to feed new filament in, it would go in without some force. In the bowden I saw a pea sized blob of filament chunks. It shoved that "pea" right into the hot end...so I removed the filament. I had to cook the sucker out... I did the first Atomic at 225 and pushed through new filament and a lot of the previous color came out. Cooled things down, did the first Atomic pull. Then a second just to be sure. Since then, I've done a couple prints for my Tevo Tornado and the prints have been outstanding.
  4. What temperature are you printing at? If too cool, that might cause some stress on the feeder
  5. It sounds exactly like my UM2+ does....seems normal
  6. My Ultimaker 2 made a very similar noise last night! Is the filament grinding? Check by the feeder for filament...or remove the filament and check for worn spots. Or...and @SandervG mentioned this on Facebook, you could have a clogged pulley, making it rough for the belt teeth to get in there. I have to check mine tonight. I never heard this before...last night I tried my first spiralize (vase mode) and I thought it might be something going on with the Z. Another thought...what version of Cura? I'm using the latest...so wondering, however remotely, if that is a factor?
  7. I like the premise of this option but like others, a bit unsure how to utilize it correctly. With the default settings, it added 12 hours to my 2 hour print. Ahhhh! Abort! Abort!
  8. I keep on saying, over and over again, about Cura releases and Anti-Virus programs. Only Cura does this to mine. And just to repeat myself one more time....I really wish Ultimaker would fix this annoying issue BTW, looked at the Adaptive Layers...I guess I need to read up on this a good deal more. It sure adds a lot of print time to the test prints I was going to try it on!
  9. I recently had to reimage one of my Octoprint servers and that's all working now But when I wanted to try it out in 3.2, using Manage Printers, I am not seeing the ability to do anything with Octoprint in there now. Where is it?
  10. Okay wondered that, having the same issue
  11. Exactly...I'm still getting the hang of post-production and Adobe Premiere Pro 2018!
  12. UnFollowing has worked for me, I was really getting a ton of emails for a while. We wanted a quicker forum...we got it and then some!
  13. I lowered it since the microphones were doing an exceptional job of picking up the brushing sound
  14. Well a few weeks ago, I managed to develop a nasty BLOB in the print head of my Ultimaker 2+ No...it wasn't a nozzle leak or anything that bad What happened is I bought a PEI sheet and installed that on my glass bed. The PEI is very shiny and I didn't do the best job with the bed alignment. One the last section of the first layer, the print started to come off. Then the print head started to collide with that material and it got shoved into the fan should and heater block. Thankfully I was home and near the printer when this happened. I documented how I cleaned it up on my YouTube Channel, here's the video so that if YOU wind up with a nasty mess....it can be fixed!
  15. ABS is slowly slipping away as the preferred material for more hardness/ruggedness. ABS can be tough to print with, you have the smell and also the harmful particles it put out (research this!). Thankfully there are many new materials that offer the ease of working with PLA but higher strength and heat tolerance. If you stay "within the family" of Ultimaker, they offer their Engineering filaments. I've used Polycarbonate and there are others out there....and since it's within the Ultimaker eco-system, you don't need to worry if it will work with your printer And...there profiles for those filaments are built into Cura too.
  16. I've been buried in emails from the forum so I missed it the first few times....that's a nice job on that BB-8 The weathering is great, too! I have a ways to go on mine, still printing segments of the body!
  17. I have 4 octoprint Raspberry Pi's...I have heard some talk about using one Pi for multiple printers but I wouldn't do that. It seems the Pi3 is pretty taxed just talking to one printer and making sure there aren't time outs. I would not use a Windows install, I looked at it and decided a $50 Pi3/power supply/SD Card was a better investment Mine's working okay! p.s. It looks like you are at the Manually Added Octoprint Instance I've never had to do that using a Raspiberry Pi3 config. I suggest trying it on a Pi3!
  18. You could also try a sheet of PEI from PrintedSolid, they laser cut theirs to fit around the glass clamps.
  19. I have the Ultimaker 2+, Creality CR-10 and an FT-5 (Folger Tech) printer. The FT-5 is landfill. Don't bother. That said....there's a few things I mention that you might find interesting in a YouTube video I made recently.. For what you are looking to do, I really think the Ultimaker 2+ is the better product. The CR-10 has no support site. You are essentially on your own to support this device. It was not factory tested, calibrated and known to work accurately when it left China. YES...they are tempting because for experienced 3D printing users, it's not terribly difficult to enhance, upgrade and calibrate. The fad right now is printing BIG and doing so inexpensively. You need to reflect on what you want to do...play warranty and hope for the best....or buy a machine that comes with a solid reputation, support system, tested, UL listed and comes from the factory with a test print showing it's ready to go out of the box. The push has been for cheap printers lately. The Prusa's are nice, too but I'm not crazy about the construction of the MK2. The newer MK3 is much more solid and who knows how long those take to get. I can tell you that my Ultimaker printers have been my go to printer for prints I know will come out superb out of all three printers. I wish Ultimaker offered a larger volume printer, since I print large pieces for my robotic projects. For what you have described, it sounds like you want to do more printing that troubleshooting. The Ultimaker will cost more but perform so much better. Let us know what you decide to do and the results you experience.
  20. Getting some crashes here too. It will be mid way through slicing and drop out on my Windows 10 Home/64 laptops. Another thing I had happen was my antivirus gave an alert to when trying to Save File to my local hard disk. Cura still seems to have problems playing nice with antivirus software (TrendMicro in my case).
  21. I had the same troubles with my UM2 to UM2+ upgrade using the guides to align to the rods. In my case, one broke when it fell off the work bench. I also played the "chase the set screw" game. Asides that ...and some awkwardness getting the new extruder gear/setup installed, the printer is working well.. I did a few 20 mm test cubes and they came out really good.
  22. Yes....tons of emails! Going to change to One Email per Day and see how that goes. However, I DO like seeing the replies without logging in....that's a big plus
  23. As you guys probably all know, you're always welcome here as well !
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